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The Eye-Opening and Beautiful Truths About Spiritual Psychology

The eye-opening and beautiful truths about spiritual psychology may have you scratching your head or thinking Nina is stark raving mad. Well, those who know me know I live to challenge the status quo, so if you’re ready to flip the script in your life, read on. If not, well, I might not be your favorite cup of tea.

Yoga, Breathworks, and Meditation…

These modalities aren’t enough if you want to move forward. You can’t asana your fears away or mediate the work that needs to get done to remove continuous trauma, pain, and sabotaging ways. Nor will practicing a downward-facing dog pose elevate your fears and take responsibility for your life.

Don’t get me wrong; all the above are powerful tools to bring you into stillness, release stress, and remove the constant noise of life. They aren’t cure-alls to remove deep-seated fears, sabotaging life habits and unconscious thinking. Without inner psychological work, whatever spiritual practice/path you follow, whatever sacred tool you hold in your heart, is imbalanced, damaging, and confusing.

I know that if you rely on your rational mind to lead your life, you will live life uninspired by all their IS. You rely on the intelligence of what you know, the external word, while the wisdom of all creation eludes you. It keeps you on a Ferris wheel of never-ending disillusion.

The Rules of Three: The Beautiful Truths About Spiritual Psychology

Like all things in life, spirituality needs to evolve beyond naive, passive, and restrictive paradigms – based on the illusions of the collective. We need to deepen our approach to include the rational, spiritual, and divine mind, the Rule of Three.

The Rule of Three states that your actions affect you on three levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual. In other words, you must consider how your actions will impact your body, mind, and soul before acting. The way I see it, this is the path to your True Self!

What is vital is to let your spirit mind lead the way and let your rational mind be a servant.

…the essential nature (concerning the soul) cannot be corporeal, yet it is also clear that this soul is present in a particular bodily part, and this one of the parts having control over the rest (heart). Aristotle, philosopher and author, of the book of The Soul, 350 B.C.E.

Truths About Spiritual Psychology

Did you know the word “psychology” comes from the root words psykhē, meaning “breath, spirit, soul,” and logia, meaning “study of.” Psychology originally meant studying the soul. It is very different from today’s mainstream clinical mind-centered psychology!

A glance at psychology and spirituality suggests they are like two foreigners trying to communicate with each other in their native language. Despite what you might think or have been programmed to believe, psychology and spirituality are the yin and yang to your relationship with life.

Additionally, psychology and spirituality reveal common attributes we all share: a mind and soul (or a rational and spirit mind). So, why do so many of us consider them separate, not interconnected? Separating these two sides of our nature – our psyche and spirit – is disruptive. And for most of the population, it keeps us stressed, depressed, and joyless – just look at the world. What do you see?

… just as the depth and surface of the sea are inseparable, so too are the spirit and psychology of each human being. Mark Nepo, author the Book of Awakening

Why Modern-Day Psychology is Not Enough

Are you wondering, are we ever truly “healed” of all our junk? Yes, wandering down the deep rabbit hole of personal psychology is a never-ending expedition. But isn’t life meant to be ever-expanding? And, it isn’t about pathologizing yourself, getting stuck in narratives shaped by life experiences, or being locked into a cultural illusion.

Let’s rethink spirituality and psychology, which is truly a match made in heaven – oh yeah, it was intended and designed by Divine Intelligence. Did you get that? Life shouldn’t be lived only using the rational mind. Living guided by the spirit mind, which operates at a much higher frequency than the rational mind, is the path to seek. The spirit mind is the spark of Divinity in you. When you allow it to lead your life, it will be nourished by the frequency of Divine Intelligence. Which in turn allows the rational mind to take Divinely Inspired actions…

…if I accept the fact that a god is absolute and beyond all human experiences, he leaves me cold. I do not affect him, nor does he affect me. But if I know that a god is a powerful impulse in my soul, at once I must concern myself with him, for then he can become important. – Carl Jung, Analytical/Psychology Types, author…

Is Your Mind Blown?

You may want to bookmark this page and return to it often. Let me introduce you to a thought theory buried since the 1900s. A time in history when psychologists said the soul was too woo-woo, and science had all of the answers to living a passionate, purpose-driven, meaningful life. We are here today, witnessing the dismantling of this theory and its unending flaws!

Did The Eye-Opening and Beautiful Truths About Spiritual Psychology Leave You Wanting More?

Are you longing for soul-utions that encourage you to become the map-maker of your own journey? Realize we are cosmic beings, complex and overflowing with eternal wisdom. Today, arm yourself with new dreams, hopes, and desires to accelerate the experience of being fully alive – living your truth.

Next week, I’ll continue the conversation around “why spirituality by itself doesn’t lead to the path of the True Self.

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