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The Truth about Spirituality

The truth about spirituality, are you wondering what I’m thinking? Integrating, exploring, examining, and healing your psychological self is essential before you embark on a spiritual path. If you skip

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Think of me as the wild card in the deck that brings good fortune, clarity, and an honoring of self. A creative and endlessly curious person, I’m passionate about helping you discover your true Self. WHY? Because any other identity is an illusion.

Hi, I’m Nina Zapala, here to evolve personality typing with a spiritual understanding. It started when I encountered a mid-life tsunami, leaving me unsure of who I was, what I wanted, or which path to take. I had a choice: stay stuck or discover myself. Choosing the latter led to an evolved personality theory and a reinvented me!  

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I’ve worked with some of the most phenomenal heart-centered entrepreneurs on the planet. Over time, I’ve come to realize there are certain characteristics that shine through. Get the checklist to see if your recognize yourself, as a leading heart-centered entrepreneur!