Geez, I wish I could say I hadn’t skipped this step, but it, too, was part of my 7-year life tsunami. I learned that bypassing psychological analysis puts you in denial, avoidance, repression, disconnection, and dissociation from yourself. Which, for me, led to a diminished sense of self. And I found myself living in a world of continual re-traumatization.

Everything makes itself known on its way out, once and for all ― author, psychic, and teacher, Paul Selig


It’s All About Spiritual Personality Typing

The entire premise of my work is to deepen the approach toward spiritual transformation. It’s not necessarily new. In fact, this approach has ancient roots, but it does involve uniting the two worlds of spirituality and psychology. Some speak to this idea as transpersonal psychology, which I liken to personality typing with a spiritual understanding relying on metaphysical studies – a concentrated effort of Christ consciousness, spirit, and heart-centered awareness. 

The Truth About Spirituality

As I said, I skipped studying the rational mind and jumped into spirituality. My interest in spirit guides, angels, and life on the other side started with my Mom, who would speak with her deceased loved ones. Finally, one day I said, Mom, how can you be talking with Aunt Estelle? She passed away three years ago. My Mom dog-patted me on the head and said, “darling, just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not real.”

My life has been one of seeking. But what I failed to do, is to understand that my mind must be healthy and in sync with my, Divenly led spirit mind before I can begin to embark on a metaphysical journey.

I did what I believe most of us do. We follow a spiritual path, one that is driven by external knowledge. For many years, I spent thousands of dollars looking for others to solve my problems; retreats, readings, coaching, and psychologists. I thought they had all the answers, but they couldn’t possibly understand me when I couldn’t even begin to explain myself. When you know and take responsibility for yourself, you are more likely to make better decisions on who to ask for help. Period.

The Real Truth About Spirituality

Please, take what resonates and leave the rest.

Over the past decade, what I’ve been experiencing is not necessarily spirituality or an external practice, although I have go-to spiritual routines that help keep me grounded. 

For me, it’s more of an energy frequency, a consciousness, an awareness — a constant stream of gratitude that I return to often during the day. Upon awakening, on my walk, before I start a work project, bless my food as I lay my head down to go to sleep. Whenever I feel myself going into fear: false, evidence appearing real, I go to prayer, and I think an immediate lifting. Yes, I know fear is real, but I also know I will be provided for. And the lifting I speak of is a loving, heart-centered energy. It’s calming and reassuring. And I’m sure it will be different for you, but I wanted to give you a better idea of what I speak of.

Looking back on my 7-year life tsunami, I can’t fully explain how I made it through. And still, today, I live very differently than I did in the past. I live a peaceful existence, it’s not perfect, but there is a rhythm of freedom that didn’t exist before.

Truth In Spirituality

Yes, we may be able to meditate for long periods every day, do fancy yoga asanas, have a clean, healthy diet, and comprehend the law of attraction from the inside out. Many see us as spiritually evolved, a shiny façade of OM. Yet, if we don’t face our psychological shadows and get truthful with ourselves, we’ll never bring light to the dark, the places within us that need healing.

Did The Truth About Spirituality Leave You Wanting More?

Are you longing for soul-utions that encourage you to become the map-maker of your own journey? Realize we are cosmic beings, complex and overflowing with eternal wisdom. Today, arm yourself with new dreams, hopes, and desires to accelerate the fully alive experience – live within and from your truth.

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