Ethical + Sustainable Swimwear Brands Under $100

Are you planning a beach vacation this summer? Swimwear shopping, for me, is nightmarish? First I don’t want to pay $500 for something I’ll wear a dozen or more times a year, plus I don’t want to go cheap, because it’s the fast fashion thing I’m trying to avoid. And yes, of course, I ‘ve got body isms. SHOCKER! I have to say, all women, model or mom, young or old, have some sort of body isms we’d rather not share with other beach-goers.

I kid you not. A few years ago, I hosted the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photographers, at a former resort client property. Believe me, when I tell you this, I heard beautiful models dishin’ about their bodies. I was like WHAT? Your body is perfect. And this is what I heard, “Nope, this side is bigger, I have this or that,” I was like OH NO, NO, NO. See, we as women, seem to focus on one or two things and make an issue out of it. We have to stop! We’re all gorgeous. Embrace it. Love it. And let it go! Are you with me!

Now, onto finding ethical swimwear brands that won’t break the bank.

Ethical + Sustainable Swimwear Under $100

California Brands

No surprise, that California has a few brands that are hitting it out of the park. A couple to put on your ponder list.

Jessica Rey Swimwear – What I love about this brand is all of the swimwear are ethically produced from regenerated pre-and post-consumer waste from Italy. The fabric comes back to California where it’s produced. OK, I lied a bit here, most of their swimwear starts around $108, but they typically have sales, which brings the cost down to under $100 bucks.

alt="Top ethically made and budget friendly swimwear pictured Jessica Rey swimwear."

Bold Swim – The name says it all its for those that prefer a bold look when it comes to swimwear. The company makes one-piece suits starting at $75 while tops and bottoms start at $45 a piece. They use biodegradable materials out of Brazil offering a quick dry functionality. So COOL! Who wants to hang out in a soggy suit? NO One!

alt=" Bold Swim a budget friendly, ethically sourced swimwear brand."
Bold Swimwear, Pictured Tydal Top (you choose the bottoms) $87.50

Reformation – This company is all over BlogLovin’ and has a strong following. Again, what I love about the brand is all of their textiles are made from renewable plant materials, and recycled or regenerated fabrics. Founded by Yael Aflalo, the company is also passionate about women in leadership, over 75%; plus people from underrepresented populations are also represented. What’s not to love! – OK maybe the price is a bit over, but maybe they’ll have a July 4th sale? And think about the good you are doing?

alt= "Reformation an ethically sources budget friendly swimwear brand."
Classic, high-waisted bikini bottoms. Reformation, pictured Havana Bikini Bottoms $68 + Hermosa Bikini Top $78

Let’s Head East

First stop Palm Beach, Manta – This swimwear line is minimalistic with factories and manufacturing in South Florida. I think, I see a trend here as Manta also uses a luxury performance fabric made in Italy from ECONYL, using recycled nylon fibers from abandoned fishing nets that threaten marine wildlife, which is AWESOME.

alt= "Manta is another sustainable swimwear line, made in Palm Beach, Florida."
Manta, pictured the Mallory Maillot from $79

Krou® Swimwear, Cocoa Beach Florida – This is for curvy ladies. WAHOO. This swimwear line uses only swimwear fabric derived from 100% regenerated polyamide made by ECONYL®.  ECONYL® works in partnership with to use discarded fishing nets pulled from our oceans to make the regenerated yarn in Krou® fabrics.

alt="Koru's Surf Suit is a budget friendly sustainable swimwear brand."
Koru: Surf Suit $100

Sustainable Swimwear Under $100 +++ 😉

A few more to mention:

Sustainable Swimwear under $100

It’s my hope you found this article useful. I believe if you put on a swimsuit knowing it’s made responsibly and ethically and the brand is helping the planet in some small way, you’ll feel better. So go ahead, flaunt you’re sustainable, swimwear under hundred bucks because you’ll look and feel like a million bucks! Oh and of course don’t forget the “reef-friendly sunscreen.”

Celebrate #summer!



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