Fall a beautiful season for renewal, is a time to re-see yourself and celebrate the colorful way Mother Nature calls us to let go. Forests magically flip a switch turning their leaves from emerald green to butterscotch yellows, crimson reds, and fiery oranges. It’s the time of year when mountains invite us for weekends of leaf-peeping. Nature gently reminds us of this universal principle; we must shed something to grow. Breathe in the crisp fall air, settle in, and journal about what you’ve let fall this year.

Fall A Beautiful Season for Renewal: Table of Contents

  1. How Letting Go Ignites a Beautiful Fall Season For Renewal
  2. A Simple Rhythm to Life
  3. Composting Our Minds
  4. 5 Beautiful Fall Affirmations
  5. Additional Affirmations
  6. Fall A Beautiful Season for Renewal Take the Challenge
  7. Tune In 
  8. Join The Movement

How Letting Go Ignites a Beautiful Fall Season For Renewal

This year, 2020, ironically syncs with 20/20, a time of revisioning oneself a new. This year has been rife with reasons to let go of what’s no longer beneficial for our soul’s evolution. A lot of us have been experiencing painful changes. We gave up multiple freedoms many we’ve taken for granted; socializing with friends, eating out, and life’s celebrations. For some, this has caused great anger and anxiety, out-of-control anxiety, stress, and loneliness. These emotions are understandable because the situation was thrust upon us, causing great fear.

A Simple Rhythm to Life

Amongst the chaos, we somehow found a new rhythm to life —a simpler way to be in the world. We’ve slowed, stopped the hurriedness, and had time to figure out what’s important; family, friends, a meaningful career, living to our highest potential. Or at least we’re on a new journey figuring out what our best life looks like—what a beautiful revelation.

For others, we’ve started down the path of forgiveness, maybe forgiving ourselves or those we thought caused our struggles. For me, the forgiveness path has been my path to spiritual awakening. It’s a path I’ve taken for the last seven years. I learned that I couldn’t forgive myself if I harbor negative thoughts and feelings about someone else. It’s like trying to polish a rotten apple; you can’t.

In the season of fall, we’re reminded to let go of what we’ve outgrown; old habits and beliefs, or even stuff that clutters our homes. Which eventually clutters our minds. alt" Nina Zapala Spiritual Personality Logo"

Composting Our Minds

While the leaves blanket the ground and slowly decay, they ultimately provide a nutritious treat for the roots of the trees. The composted leaves feed the tree roots and sustain them during the cold, dark winter days.

Just as the leaves compost and nurture the tree’s roots, letting go of negative thoughts, habits, gossip, judging, and excessive anything nurtures our hearts and mental well-being. Letting go is the way for new healthy habits and beliefs to bloom. You’ll start to feel the anxiety and anger lift, albeit slowly, but if you keep at it, maybe by spring, you’ll be in full bloom. Why not give it a try? If it doesn’t work, you can return to the old way of being. It’s a free will thing!

5 Affirmations to Kick Start a Beautiful Season of Renewal. alt" Nina Zapala Spiritual Personality Logo"

5 Beautiful Fall Affirmations

Please know that I understand how hard it is to change. I’ve spent many nights curled up in a ball, crying my eyes out, over-drinking, overspending, and blaming others. The crying helped because it got me in touch with my feelings, while the physical stuff only made me feel worse; fuzzy-minded, in credit card debt. I found blaming others to be utterly useless.

1. Choose the Happier Thought

Always look for a happier thought. If you’re saying OMG, I’m so fat, stop. Instead, say, “I’m voluptuous, a Renaissance woman, beautiful, healthy, and abundant in every way.” Even if you’re trying to lose weight, your thoughts of being beautiful, healthy, and abundant will come into being while the others will become compost.

2. Choose To Be Kind

“I am a kind person. I treat myself kindly and look for ways to treat others with kindness.” If you focus your intention on being kind to yourself and then go out of your way to be kind to others, holding the door for someone, saying thank you, be the first to say hello; watch how miraculously these kindnesses come back to you. It’s your spirit mind, listening and responding and showing you the way!

Kindness should be embraced as a travel mantra. It will take you places you’d never have imagined.

3. Commit to Knowing Your Spiritual Personality Type

Get to know your dominant personality trait, your true self. It holds many secrets to help you overcome life’s struggles. I’ll be talking more on this topic in the months ahead as this is a founding principle in Unpack Your Personality.©️ “Show me how my dominate personality functions to enhance my life.”

4. Get Out in Mother Nature

Most Mothers are nurturing, knowing what’s best for their children. Mother Nature is no exception. I’ve recently started asking HER for help. I use this affirmation, “Help me open my heart to allow the messages from the birds, trees, and flowers to flow to me.” I was mesmerized the other morning as a hummingbird danced and pranced before me, ducking in and out of a flowering Crepe Mrytle tree. The message takeaway, I need to play more!

5. Walk With Intention Into Fall With A Daily Mantra

“Divine, in this time of great transformation, show me the right path for me.” Tip; To receive spiritual enlightenment, expect them to come to you in unconventional ways. I seem to find feathers weekly. It’s my Angeles letting me know I’m on the right path.

Additional Affirmations

If the affirmations above do not resonate with you, please check our Louise Hay. She’s one of my all-time favorites. Check out her Daily Affirmations, which have worked for me for decades.

Fall A Beautiful Season for Renewal

It’s time to rake the leaves. Make a big pile, jump in, and enjoy the fall as the beautiful season it is for renewal. Letting go, staying present, and offering these daily affirmations are the foundation for abundant growth come spring.

Fall A Beautiful Season for Renewal Take the Challenge

Did Fall A Beautiful Season for Renewal challenge how you look at yourself? I hope you embrace the challenges on the journey to your true self.

It’s in the awareness that you take action and awaken. If you choose to see the awareness and not take action, you’ll remain asleep with no forward motion. If you decide to take action, a mind shift takes place. A new self-truth emerges, along with a new-found life path leading to a new lease on life.

As a course changer and a new path maker, I always look for ways to upend the status quo and challenge convention. I believe the magic of travel is in the unknowingness. The unknowingness delivers what you need. It helps you look past what you think you know, shatter irrelevant expectations, and bring your authentic self to life, your truth.

Please do let me know if you travel this fall and you use these affirmations. What arises? What will you leave behind? How will you embrace the new?

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Tune In 

I’ve written Unpack Your Personality©️ as a guide to planning joy-filled getaways on the road to your true self. It’s intentional travel to satisfy your physical desires and awaken the spiritual mind, the true essence of who you really are. The contents within are thought-provoking and soul-shifting, helping you rethink yourself.

I look forward to building a community of type seekers. Individuals who are interested in self-development. Those who desire to unite the rational mind with the spiritual mind to access their highest potential fully. The idea is to become a positive force in the world. And I’m up for whatever it takes to make this happen. My wish is to create a pathway that enables you to flow into your journey to yourself. 🙏 😇

If you prefer a video on the topic, watch my YouTube video.

Join The Movement

Are you ready to become a new path maker? If so, I’d love to see you on Pinterest, Instagram, or TikTok. The best way to feel a part of this community is by subscribing; I’m debating on a newsletter or quarterly magazine. What do you prefer? 🥰

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