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Extroverts and Introverts How to Travel Happier this Fall?

Extroverts and introverts, how to travel happier this fall? Do you think it’s easy to be satisfied when traveling alone or with like-minded individuals? Well, I hope you’ll rethink this idea.

What if I could help you find ways to travel with people that aren’t like-minded. Are you in? I’m going to answer the question; extroverts and introverts how to travel happier this fall?Nina Zapala

First Question

Do you travel to expand and welcome the outer world?


Do you travel to expand and welcome your inner world?

The Answer

If you answered this question, preferring to expand and welcome the outer world, this tells me a lot about your travel personality. You are an extrovert, and you travel very differently from an introvert. And pleeease keep in mind that the blog post is speaking in generalities. Know there are eight unique extrovert travel types, all with very different travel personalities.

An Extrovert Travel Whys For Happier Fall Travel

The world outside of ourselves, the external world, is an extrovert’s reality. Here are a few why’s aka travel ‘isms related to the behaviors of an extrovert traveler.


If you’re traveling with an extrovert, they will talk their way through most situations; “Maybe we need to turn back, turn left, keep going… Extroverts exhibit this behavior because speaking out loud is them thinking out loud; it helps them determine the value of their thoughts.

Feels Right at Home

  • Even during a vacation, extroverts will feel at home because they interact with the physical world. The more people they contact, the more attractive they’ll find a place, plus variety stimulates this traveler. As a general rule, areas offering a lot of different experiences would be appealing.


Extroverts realize that people offer new information and energy, supporting their need for social interaction and outside stimulation. There are two sides to this behavior:

  • First, no offense to a loved one, but if extroverts are stuck in one situation for too long, they’ll get bored. Don’t take this personally if you’re a partner, lover, or friend.
  • Secondly, many extroverts fear disapproval as they see it as a genuine evaluation, which will have them running from a social situation or becoming critical or cranky. You may witness this in action while on the road. This awareness brings truth, and the extrovert must evaluate if the person doling out the advice matters. If so, it’s time for a chat!

An Introvert Question

Do you travel to expand and welcome your inner world?

The Answer

If you answered this question with a preference to expand and welcome your inner world, this tells me a great deal about your travel personality. You’re an introvert, and you travel very differently from an extrovert. Remember, this post is speaking in generalized terms. There are eight unique introvert travel types with very different travel personalities.

An Introvert Travel Whys For Happier Fall Travel

The real world to an introvert traveler lives inside of themselves; it’s what truly matters. Here are a few why’s – travel ‘isms related to the behaviors of an extrovert traveler.


Unlike an extrovert who speaks their thoughts out loud, an introvert will pause and consider how their words resonate with their internal reality before talking. These travelers may be easy to spot; they are the ones who stop and reflect before speaking and probably won’t ask for directions. They may look at a map, use their smartphone or consult with a loved one.

Vacations Can Be Taxing for Introverts.

  • Often the external world is overstimulating, and it may not resonate with an introvert’s complex inner reality. You may come upon an introvert who you believe to be an extrovert. Why? Some introverts find it easier to control the conversation, which allows them to skip the back-and-forth chit-chat which wears them out.
  • Many introverts are reflective and reserved and find fitting into the outer world exhausting. WHY? It’s not their reality! They often are protective of their energy, so they need alone time on vacation.
  • A side note: introverts do need alone time but not from their loved ones like an extrovert. Once they let someone in, they can spend all their time with this person. And, they will, and do, feel lonely when this person or when “their people” aren’t around. Very unlike the extrovert, who needs time to pursue meeting new peeps!

Tips for Extroverts and Introverts to Travel Happier this Fall

If you know you’re traveling with a person with a different preference this fall, discuss your introvert and extrovert differences before you hop online to research fall travel tips. Once you understand one another, you can better narrow your travel search, which we all know has become a ginormous undertaking. Knowing one another travel perks and triggers can make for a more enjoyable and favorable trip.

  • An introvert may consider a beach destination for a good reason; many beaches aren’t popular this time of year. The popular fall foliage season is in full swing, and most travelers opt for leaf-peeping. Tip: Consider a beach destination that’s a bit livelier and essential for extroverts. More exciting beaches offer extroverts plenty of choices, yet these beaches are typically less crowded this time of year.

  • An extrovert will be excited and ready to share a top-ten list of the best places to leaf-peep as a planning guide. The introvert is saying NO! But wait, what if you pick a few similar places not on a top-ten list? Just make sure the destination has options for additional experiences and people interactions while also offering off-the-grid areas for an introvert to collect their thoughts and wind down.

  • Festivals are a huge part of the fall season. Yes, there are ginormous festivals that an extrovert would adore, but there are also mid-scale festivals. Many introverts can handle a mid-size festival if they schedule time for stillness and reflection. While an introvert takes time out, the extrovert can engage in a few additional people-oriented activities. A perfect break for an extrovert to engage with people. A compromise that you both can agree upon.

Extroverts and Introverts How to Travel Happier this Fall?

I hope you find this journal post helpful. These posts are a sneak peek into the work of 16 Personalities Unpacked, a journey to self. It’s always my intention to create meaningful posts to help meet the needs of your unique travel persona.

Feel free to contact me if you want to share your travel photos. It would bring a smile to my face. And with your permission, I’d share your trip experiences across my social media channels @ninazapala.

More About Spiritual Personality Typing

I hope you found Extroverts and Introverts How to Travel Happier this Fall eye-opening. I’m here to share a new philosophy to get you excited about your personality. I hope you begin to see your personality as a magical tool and realize its importance to a meaningful life.

Make understanding your personality type a priority. It’s the best relationship you can cultivate in this lifetime.

Of course, with all good things in life, if you do the work, take responsibility, and make personality typing with a spiritual understanding, a daily ceremony, you’ll reap the rewards. Once you do, you’ll realize the only way for your higher self to express itself is through a healthy persona – the two can’t exist without each other.

It’s a profound awakening, moving you closer to your truth, unshackling you from a purposeless existence into a new reality of unlimited possibilities. You’ll be ready for any occasion, situation, or event – travel, relationships, career, and most importantly, a meaningful life.

I know this to be true because this is precisely how it works in my life.

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