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What Are the Best Gifts for Each Personality Type?

What are the best gifts for each personality type? The best gifts you can give a person are the gifts of acceptance, understanding, and love. With that said, I will endeavor to answer the age-old question of what are the best gifts to give for each personality type. Please know these are best guesses. Why? Each personality type is unique, add in life experiences and, most importantly, soul desires, and you have the basis for unlimited gift-giving ideas. So know this is a partial list, but I wrote the post to gift you some fabulous ideas so you can shop confidently. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it and sharing it with you all!

I think there must be something wrong with me, Linus. Christmas is coming, but I’m not happy. I don’t feel the way I’m supposed to feel. – Charlie Brown, of the Charlie Brown Cartoon Series

Some of the Best Gifts Cannot Be Gift Wrapped

The holidays are about love, togetherness, and gratitude – none of which can be wrapped in a gift box. Even so, most of us will exchange gifts with others this holiday season. How can we choose gifts that our friends and loved ones will enjoy?

Gift-giving does not have to be an unconscious ritual. It can be surprisingly meaningful when done with love in our hearts. And it does not have to be all about consumerism – gift-giving is a way to show the people in our lives we care – not how much money we spent.

The trick is to choose thoughtful presents that will be cherished using spiritual personality typing. Is it not the idea to give a gift that causes joy and merriment? A gift that shows we see you and care about your unique interests, preferences, strengths, needs, and desires – in other words, who you really are – your True Self. Isn’t that what gift-giving is really all about?

Here is the gift guide for every personality type with a spiritual twist. Gift giving, be it store-bought, handmade, or experiences are all great. But the number one gifts for all types are the gifts of acceptance, understanding, and love. Oh, and useless trinkets didn’t make the cut.  Nina

Looking for Some Holiday Magic to Share with Your Introvert Family and Friends?

Active Types (ISTP)

As the name implies, Active Types like to be engaged, as they are genuine extreme adventurists and are typically hands-on hobbyists. A few gift examples, a gift card to a creative hobby shop or a rock-climbing experience, would be appropriate, as they have a deep need to explore new things, especially if it involves a bit of a risk. Even better, let them fly solo. They will appreciate your understanding in knowing flying solo is where they find their wings!

Abstract Types (ISFP) 

Beautiful things and places resonate deeply with the Abstract souls; it is genuinely part of their nature. Hygge – a Danish term meaning coziness and contentment – is incredibly appealing to them. You can put these gifts on the list: cozy blankets, soft sweaters, candles, essential oils, slippers, baked goods, or tea. Or skip the gifts and write a handwritten IOU for a garden stroll come spring. They will love this and realize how much you get them!

GroundedTypes (ISTJ)

Their love for what they love transcends responsibility into a sentimental attachment to the duties that deserve this place in their hearts. Tchotchkes won’t win their hearts. A written note inviting them to join you in feeding the homeless over the holidays would make their spirit fly; make sure you give them advanced notice.

Kindly Types (ISFJ)

Not into what is trendy and new; these types are into the classics and experiences of yesterday. They will kindly accept any gift, this is their nature, but it won’t touch them. Do look for gifting ideas they already know and love. A gift certificate to their favorite cafe would be a lovely idea. Or better yet, a handwritten note for a night in complete with a home-cooked meal night in and cozy times with family and friends binge-watching old holiday movies.

Insightful Types (INFJ)

It is in their nature to take an interest in others and communicate with them in such a way that helps them see what we all have in common. They want to know that what they do is meaningful. You could write a thoughtful letter expressing how their words positively affected you. The same goes for a handmade gift or a metaphysical book of interest; tarot cards or crystals would be great gift ideas.

Seeking Types (INFP)

Seekers are so grateful and genuinely appreciate the love and thought that goes into gift giving, probably more than the gift itself. They are uber creative: gift them with a gorgeous journal or an art class. Also, realize they will not express a need for help, so a homemade batch of Christmas cookies or some other holiday treats to relieve a bit of stress would be warmly, appreciated.

Assured Types (INTJ)

Since these types aren’t followers of tradition, they may want to pass on the gift exchange concept altogether. Even so, these personalities can enjoy receiving a gift as much as anyone. Their interests may be found in art, reading, technology, and science, so tickets to an art museum, a science and technology fair, or an invitation to a literary fair will stir their souls. 

Impartial Types (INTP)

As minimalists, they will appreciate a simple, high-quality gift. They can enjoy a book that delves deeper into an interest, a rare coffee with a story, or a movie, especially the ones that follow a storyline. Cost really is not a factor. What is understanding their uncomplicated needs and keeping the gifting drama to a minimum.

For it is in the Giving that We Receive – St. Francis of Assisi, a mystic.

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Magnetic Types (ESTP)

Sports-mined, adrenaline junkies these individuals relish experiences over gifts. Depending on budget, the gift of a high-speed boat or a day rental. Spend time at a car race or experiences the thrill of car racing. — there are exceptional gifts. Knowing that they love to explore, take them to a nearby city to experience a new restaurant or sporting event – your efforts will be noticed.

Playful Types (ESFP)

A night out with friends singing and dancing is one of their favorite pastimes. Tickets to a live performance of the Nutcracker will be well received since they are performers at heart. In the case that you do buy a gift, know that they love a good trend, such as a trip to the nail salon for a new bold look. Don’t think generic or vanilla – think fun and fearless — yes, you see their playful ways!

Dutiful Types (ESTJ)

These types appear to have everything they need, but doesn’t everyone want to unwrap a gift? They are news hounds who like the finer things in life and appreciate activities with a competitive twist. Challenge them to a game of backgammon, and be prepared; you may lose, as they are whip-smart. It is not about winning or losing; you are giving the gift of bonding time. Or opt for a fine bottle of brandy or a subscription to a news outlet.

Attentive Types (ESFJ)

You will likely attend their Christmas party since they enjoy hosting friends and family, observing beloved traditions, and spreading cheer. A photo from this year’s annual camping trip would be a cherished present. Once you recognize their love of socializing, volunteer to assist them in making a traditional holiday treat or give them a conventional gift; a tie, a box of gourmet chocolates, or a fine bottle of wine.

Harmonious Types (ENFJ)

A type that cares so much about helping others that they may forget to take care of themselves, self-care gifts are ideal. A few favorites include; karaoke with friends, dance lessons, a spa day, or a gorgeous journal. These thoughtful choices let Harmonious types know you see them – the most important gift ever.

Enthusiastic Types (ENFP)

Creative, highly individualistic, and love a good surprise. Of all types, they like to travel the most, followed by the Inquisitive type (INTP). A surprise trip would be a beautiful gift, as would a donation to a charity close to their heart. They are childlike, appreciating the little things. A visit to a national forest or a local playground to ride the swings can be an unforgettable experience for Enthusiastic types. 

Assured Types (ENTJ)

Shopping for them can be challenging because they have a demanding sense of taste and love the finer things in life. They like what they like. A reservation at their favorite restaurant, a favorite shirt in a different color, or a customized gift, for example, initials on a high-end pen, are smart choices. These gifts show that you love them, despite their commanding nature.

Inquisitive Types (ENTP)

Unique items appeal to these types since they have an unconventional and curious approach to life. Skip what’s trending or popular. Since their ideas are offbeat and hard to pinpoint, cash or gift cards work best, as cliche as that sounds, but it is a safe bet. If you are close to them, a day spent in nature discussing deep topics will be the best present ever, this is what they truly love in life – reseeing the world into something more evolved.

What is the #1 gift pick for each personality type?

Trinkets, babbles, cars and customize what nots, are all perfectly find gifts, but the number one gift for all types are the gifts of acceptance, understanding, and love will enliven the heart, not matter your personality type!

May the Holiday Season Fill You With Light and Love!

I wish you a wonderful holiday season filled with sweet memories and wonderful time spent with the people who love and support you. I understand this list is incomplete, but I hope you found a few intriguing ideas, and it took away a bit of gift-giving angst. Our time here on Gaia is fleeting, so relish the time you have and spend it in joy, appreciation, and love.

Everything you see has its roots in the unseen world. The forms may change, yet the essence remains the same. Every wonderful sight will vanish, every sweet word will fade, But do not be disheartened, The source they come from is eternal, growing, Branching out, giving new life and new joy. Why do you weep? The source is within you And this whole world is springing up from it. – Rumi, a Sufi mystic

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