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5 Responsibly Made Summer Handbags

Do you love wonderfully woven summer handbags? They’re deliciously summer, complementing summer lines, and chichi flowery dresses. What if you could feel even better about your woven bag and buy a responsibly made one?

Below is a list of 5 responsibly made summer handbag brands, and their backstories.

Bali Artists

  • Bembien – A stylish, summer classic, a go-anywhere bag. Wear these bags to the beach, cafe, or a night on the town. The Rosa summer handbag is a classic and is always in vogue. What makes this company even more special is the brand’s commitment; supporting weaving communities in Bali. Ten percent of all Bembien proceeds are given back into the local community in partnership with the nonprofit Nest.
alt="Brembien, one of the 5 responsibly made summer handbags."
The Rosa Summer Handbag by Bembien, an instant classic.
  • Ellen & James – Thier description says it all, no two handbags are alike. Each is handmade and will be uniquely yours. Isn’t that what we all want? A special piece in our collection that is totally YOU, and no one elses? Ellen & James take “smokin hot” to a new level. All of their Bali bags are smoked over coconut husks as part of the drying process. This process provokes individuality.
Ellen & James the quintessential white summer handbag

South America

  • Esther Rel – A new eco-brand located in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Ester Rel offers a fresh take on woven bags. These woven wonders are created in Colombia by single moms who make a living creating artisan handbags. Gotta love, young, bold thinking women who want to do good from day one. Oh yeah, and Ester Rel’s bathing suits are not bad either. For now, Ester Rel is on Instagram only. DM for shipping.
alt="Ester Rel, One of the five responsibly made summer woven handbags."
Ester Rel: A fresh take on the summer woven handbags

Rwanda + Guna

  • Azizi Life – OMG the banana twine purse is so adorable and very different from the styles coming out of Bali. A Rwandan made twine purse hand woven from banana leaves. The Azizi Life speaks to three pillars; economic security, spirituality and telling stories of courage and growth. An amazing brand with stories that will inspire us all!
Banana Twine summer handbag the perfect accessory
  • Gus Tote – Is simple and sophisticated. It makes you feel good from the tips of your toes on up. You could even use this tote couchside, stuffed full of colorful throws! 100% of their profits into educational programs for the women and so much more. Helping women in Rwanda & Ghana with employment opportunities, entrepreneurship training, and access to the global export market

Feel Good Summer Handbags

Are you feeling as good as I am knowing that you can buy a summer handbag and do good too? We can change the world with our wallets. ūü§ďWe can no longer turn a blinds eye. As the saying goes, once you know, you know, and you must act from your knowing. Purchasing responsibly made, ethical fashions or thrift shopping is a great way to help save the planet and the people too.

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