Ocala, Florida: From lush forests to swim-worthy, natural Springs.

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The beauty of Ocala, Florida is everywhere. From it’s lush, rolling hillsides dotted with thoroughbred horses, to swimmable, artesian springs, and renowned forests. Don’t miss Ocala National Forest, it’s many natural springs make it worth the stop. You’ll want to stroll the kitschy, historic downtown area to enjoy the many mom and pop shops that […]

How to Travel Tips for Introverts + Extroverts

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Do you seek happier vacations? Then you’ll want to unlock these practical travel tips for introverts and extroverts. Ever wondered what the hell your travel partner is thinking? Their babbling away, trying to talk through a travel hiccup, and you’re like, STOP talking. They’re probably an extrovert while you’re an introvert. Knowing this simple fact […]