10 unmistakable ways you’ve lost yourself; looks at how triggers, drama, and repeatable patterns shape your life story. Unfortunately, like most things in life, many of us don’t pay attention to these slow-moving, insidious ways until life explodes. Our awakening begins to shed light on the path to the true self.

My definition of the true self is straightforward. I see it as an energetic love connection to the Divine supported by a healthy, fearless personality type. It’s the ability to tap into your soul self, awakening the nonphysical aspects of who you are. When you begin to understand your soul self is always in charge of your life, and your personality type is a servant in service to the soul. It’s the only way the soul can express itself. It has to use the human form, your reality, to take inspired action to further enlightenment. This is when you operate from the TrueSelf, your truth; versus a personal reality based on fear.

We’ve All Been There

Every person on the planet has at some time been frustrated by negative behaviors and life drama, or we’re exhausted and drained trying to please everyone, or even worse, we’re stuck giving our power away. We think others know best. Believe me; nobody knows you better than you! Furthermore, when you give your power away or continue to please, it communicates to Divine Intelligence that you’re not trusting yourmultisensory God winks that the Divine freely gives. Here’s another beautiful aspect of living from your true self, you begin to discover the magic of your multisensory gifts that move beyond the five senses.

The Cliff Notes

If you’re in a time crunch, come back and read 10 Unmistakable Ways You’ve Lost Yourself, but for now, click here for the cliff notes. Spend some time with each of the 10 unmistakable ways. It’s worth the time and effort to unravel these limiting behaviors and beliefs. Because once you’ve become aware, you begin a process of knowing, and once you know, you can make responsible life choices.

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Beliefs Become Intimately Connected to Our Identity or Who We Think We Are – author, The Five Levels of Attachment, Don Miguel Ruiz

How Belief Systems Become Self Sabotaging Habits

I talk a lot about perceptions related to personality typing, which I believe become your reality. It’s one of the reasons I’m hell-bent on introducing a spiritual understanding to personality typing. Our belief systems keep us stuck in the past or worrying about the future. These beliefs create our identity and significantly influence how we make decisions and life choices.

In essence, our belief systems create the story of our lives!

Have you ever dug deep into your belief systems?

Can you identify your beliefs?

Are your beliefs your truth, or have they been conditioned?

Mutlitseonsry Humans are not Concerned with Controlling or Having More – author, The Mind of the Soul, Gary Zukav

Discovering the TrueSelf Helps you Tap into your MultiSensory Self

The idea of the Soul’s Role in Personality Typing©️ is a practical way to gain self-mastery around personality typing. When you expand beyond the five senses, you can tap into your multisensory self. It’s where the unlimited potential is found, along with your purpose and passion, which unfold like a beautiful lotus blossom. It’s how I envision your TrueSelf.

I use the lotus blossom as a metaphor for life. Many cultures believe the lotus flower to be a spiritual symbol, representing the faith within ourselves. In particular, a Buddhist proverb succinctly states; living life with unwavering faith, as the lotus does, ensures the most beautiful revivals.

A few ways to identify if you’re in touch with your multisensory self – another glorious aspect of the true self:

– You follow your hunches

– You’ve begun to realize your personality is aligned with your soul

– You trust your choices

10 Unmistakable Ways You’ve Become UnTrue to Your TrueSelf

Let’s look at the10 unmistakable ways you’ve become untrue to your TrueSelf, and please understand everyone on the planet has participated in these behaviors at one time or another. You’re not alone.

1. Introverts, have you ever succumbed to the idea of turning yourself into a go-getter, a busy, action-oriented person? When you do this, you show up inauthentic and lose your individuality(Of course, this doesn’t pertain to all introverts.)

2. Do you live on “Drama Queen Lane? If so, you’re busy putting out fires, meaning you’re running from negative beliefs and patterning that need attention,

3. Do you let others make decisions for you, thinking they have your best interest at heart? This behavior may indicate you’re giving your power away. Know, that you’re the only one who can make decisions that are right for you,

4. Are you a people pleaser? If you can’t say no,consistently overextending yourself. Do you apologize even when it’s not your fault? And do you struggle with being your authentic self, have low self-esteem… These are signs that you may not trust or love yourself enough to stand up and be YOU. Divine Intelligence wants this for you!

5. Confused and wanting more, you opt to copy another, seeking what they have? The truth is we all have a soul path unique to our soul’s evolution. Copying someone else won’t net the results you think you want or need, and it keeps you on the hamster wheel, living an inauthentic life,

For Anyone Trying to Discern what to do with their Life, Pay Attention to What You Pay Attention To. That’s Pretty Much all the Info You Need. – Amy Krouse Roenthal

Grab a journal, and whenever you feel a trigger or twinge, you’ve hit on an unmistakable untruth:

6. Are you a follower, or do you let others define who you are? Then you’re letting another define you, and eventually, you lose yourself and unique dreams, desires, and life goals,

7. Extroverts are notorious for being busy bees, which is ok, but when it takes you away from quiet time, a stillness practice or inner reflection work, all of which keeps you grounded in your TrueSelf. Your busyness becomes a distraction, an avoidance mechanism to deal with the issues at hand, (Of course, this doesn’t pertain to all extroverts.)

8. Do you procrastinate stuck in hesitation? This habit can indicate you don’t trust what’s best for you, so you avoid the little and big things in life; you’re ignoring the voice of the true SELF.

9. You’re a justifier. You justify things in your life, both good and bad blaming someone or a situation without looking at yourself. Seeking answers in the external world is a game of exhaustion. Go within. It’s where you’ll find answers and start to live a peaceful life.

10. You allow someone else to become the master of you, a spiritual guru, a religious figure, or a pillar in your community; their beliefs become your beliefs. Then one day, you watch as their sins unfold before your eyes, bewildered and lost again. You’re now back searching for your power, passion, and purpose. Look within the true SELF to find answers that align with your truth.

Recap: 10 Unmistakable Ways You’ve Lost Yourself

– When apersonality expresses itself in Divinely inspired ways, it’s operating from the true self – your truth; versus, a personal reality, based on fear

– Everyone on the planet at some point in their life has relied on fear-based decision-making,

– Understanding how conditioned beliefs influence life story outcomes,

– A benefit of living from your true self, is knowing your multisensory self, which assists with clear decision-making skills,

– The list of10 unmistakable ways you’ve lost yourself

Learn More About the Soul’s Role in Personality Typing

I hope you found 10-Unmistakable Ways You’ve Lost Yourself? to be eye-opening. I’m doing a happy dance if you say yes. You see, I’m passionate about introducing the idea of spirit as a component of personality typing.

While the career personality type of the 1950s model is fantastic, as we awaken to our spiritual needs, we must incorporate the gifts of a healthy personality type to align with our signature, Soul Self. When we do this, we express our soul’s intentions through our personality, taking inspired action in all we do. As a result, we show up in the world with great clarity, full of joy, passion, and purpose.

Ready to Release Struggle? Entering a Midlife Awakening: Divorce, Relocation, Career Change or is Reinvention on the Horizon?Then, You’re Ready to Harness your True Self, the Truth of Who You Really Are! Nina Zapala, Founder: The Soul’s Role in Personality Typing

Ready to Release Struggle? 

Are you experiencing a divorce, a career change, or entering into an empty nest season? These are times when critical decision-making skills are needed. It’s not the time to rely solely on another’s opinion. If you do, then they become the author of your impending new life. 

If you want to write your next chapter, you need to be fully in charge and capable of seeing yourself from your True Self. This season in life is often challenging, and it’s why I included the journal prompts above. I hope they nourish the seeds of your personality’s truth.

Make understanding your personality type a priority. It’s the best relationship you can cultivate in this lifetime.

Of course, with all good things in life, if you do the work, take responsibility, and make personality typing with a spiritual understanding, a daily ceremony, you’ll reap the rewards. Once you do, you’ll realize the only way for your higher self to express itself is through a healthy persona – the two can’t exist without each other.

It’s a profound awakening, moving you closer to your truth, unshackling you from a purposeless existence into a new reality of unlimited possibilities. You’ll be ready for any occasion, situation, or event – travel, relationships, career, and most importantly, a meaningful life.

I know this to be true because this is precisely how it works in my life.


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It’s Time to Discover; The Soul’s Role in Personality Typing ©️ – Nina Zapala, a Curious Type, ENTP.

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