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Travel for Self-Discovery. Travel to Unpack Your Personality!

Travel is my happy place. It’s expansive, rewarding, and consistently leads to self-growth. And yet, as a travel professional, I didn’t know how to travel. What? Didn’t know how? If you want to learn to travel consciously, for self-discovery, to expand and explore — beyond consumptive travel, you’ve landed on the perfect page!

For ten years, I’ve worked, watched, and learned. Honestly, I didn’t like what I saw; scripted escapes, frantic itineraries, and superficial look-sees. The present moment is where joy, magic, and serendipitous moments unfold. How many of us miss the moment when our brain and the Universe meet? 

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Unpack Your Personality caters to travelers seeking meaningful wanderings, soulful connections, and times of reflection. It supports new style of travel: soulful, slow, and sacred. Book coming soon...

 it’s a movement  

We live life scripted by a world that has taught us to believe it’s their way or the highway. It’s an insidious program that has found its way into every corner of society, even travel. Have you ever said, I need a vacation from my vacation? If so, you’ve fallen victim to this sneaky program. But I want to change this. Travel is the perfect time to release yourself from the daily grind, take a detour, travel unscripted, and get out of your comfort zone.

Sounds daring. Good, I hope so. I’ve developed a personalized roadmap to help you travel inspired: travel personality typing with a spiritual perspective. It’s a modern-day paradigm to induce transformation.


beyond traditional typing

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For Those Who Seek a Different World Travel Consciously

You desire transcendent moments that send shivers down your spine while wondering did your ancestors stand on this same ground. Using my new interpretation of personality typing, I help travelers connect with their personas and, more importantly, their inner wisdom. It starts with unpacking your personality.  

“Nina Is the Real Deal

I’ve traveled with Nina quite a bit. She typifies an ENTP. She’s endlessly curious, gets bored quickly, and is always up for whatever is around the corner. Our personality types mesh as I’m an ESFJ; she relies on my J (keeping things on track) and I on her P (spontaneity and unscripted). It’s never a dull moment.

nicole, an avid traveler

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“I Thought I Knew

I thought I knew myself, but when I started getting into personality typing with Nina, I got clear about who I am. I’m an INTP, so I’m in my head a lot, but I don’t feel bad about it anymore. Travel helped me see that it’s OK to step away from thinking, get out there, and experience life.

pamela, a road-tripper

I Teach Spiritual Personality Typing for Travelers Who Seek Transformation

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join the movement

If you haven’t noticed, I have a lot going on here. But it all comes down to one thing; knowing the Who of Who You Really Are using a modern-day personality paradigm: personality typing with a spiritual understanding.

The best way to start learning about this evolving movement in typology, specific to travel and entrepreneurs, is to join Nina’s Newsletter. I’d be honored.

Tools For A New Way Embrace a Wrong Turn

let it be a time of reinvention

My life’s liberating lessons helped me embrace many new detours as I discovered a new way; Myers-Briggs® Takes a Spiritual Detour. I’m tired of doing what’s expected, with the same unfulilling results. Are you?

It’s time to rise up. To share our hard-earned wisdom, and do what we came here to do! You’ve got this. I’m just here to guide you using soul-driven personality typing – thoughtfully expansive, spirited-minded – designed with you in mind.  

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