Personality Traits Three Hidden Secrets to Find Your True Self?

Personality traits, three hidden secrets to find your true Self, makes for a great headline. Honestly, there are so more than three hidden secrets to finding your true Self, but I’m keeping the information bite-size.

Anywhoo, I hope this bite-sized information leads to profound insights, helping you see personality traits are your inner eyes, windows into the mind. Traits really do hide in plain sight.

Do you know your personality type?

If so, do you understand the enormous influence traits have on your life?

Often people search externally for answers when the answers are right before their inner eyes! We look to a guru, a teacher, a parent, a friend, a boss, or a partner, which is OK. Yet you must become aware that you and only you are responsible for your choices, beliefs, values, and actions.

Believe me; I know this for a fact. These are the liberating lessons I learned going through my 7-year life tsunami. It was a sweeping life transition, challenging, and forever transformational!

Are you wondering why many of us don’t rely on our traits to find ourselves?

Or why we don’t use our traits to encourage clarity, confidence, and courage? It’s what they are designed to do, to help us become our grandest version of SELF, the I’AM within. 

The great science to live happily is to live in the present Pythagoras, founder of founder of Pythagoreanism.

Do You Know Your Personality Type? Are You Ready to Learn More About the Three Hidden Secrets?

Are you familiar with your personality traits? Each trait influences your life on a daily basis. To better understand traits, we all have governing traits of introversion or extroversion and judging or perceiving. These traits create what is traditionally known as a functional stack, simply put, a stack of traits used in descending order. The stack also houses cognitive functions that create our organic personality type.

I’d like for you to think of them as the building blocks, the fascinating nuances that make your personality characteristically you. They display your behaviors and are guideposts in developing values and beliefs. It’s how you show up in the world.

Here’s the thing, personality typing has been used as a career tool since the 1950s. Today, many companies use typology as a marketing tool. Where’s the soul in that? If you want to learn more on the topic, click here to read the Dark Side of Personality Typing.

What if Your Personality Traits Hold the Secrets to Unlocking Your True Self?

What if your traits are the keys to living authentically⏤ in your truth? Living a life full of possibilities and potential without end? Can you see how critical it is to know your personality type? So let me ask, how many of you are familiar with your personality type and traits? Comment below if you know your type.

I know that our personalities influence our lives significantly, from how we decide to how we think and gather information and how we show up in the world.

Not enough time? Click here for the cliff notes. Or, if you are going through a transition and need clarity, confidence, and courage to make smart decisions, click the button below to book a session.

I’ve Come to Understand Personality Traits Are the Hidden Secrets to Find Your True Self?

A recent article from Psychology Today suggests that 93% of people want to change something about their personality type. (For more details on this research, click here.) I want you to know you’re not alone if you want to change something about yourself. I think you’ll find my musings on change to be helpful, click here, and bookmark this page to read later.


I think the vast majority of the population has been taught and conditioned to use personality typing from the 1950s career typology perspective, which I believe is limiting.

There is another way!

Remember, the 1950s era was a post-World War II boom built around a patriarchal society. A society ruled by institutions, big business, and government bureaucracies, most often controlled by men. The career typology of the 1950s worked because it fits nicely into the idea of supporting massive systems and upholding institutions, big businesses, and governments.

We don’t live in the 1950s anymore, yet not a lot has changed about typology. And if you look at what’s happening in the world today, a patriarchal society is no longer the way! People are feed-up with other people telling them what they can and cannot be, do, see, and how to live!

Times, people, and society are changing. So don’t theories need to shift and pivot, as well? It’s why I’m introducing personality typing with a spiritual understanding for women in transition.

Our Essential Nature is Not Changed Only Enhanced –– Mark Nepo, author The Book of Awakening

How Can We Change

How can we change? Eww, the word change. Will you please consider releasing this word from your spiritual and personal vocabulary? Don’t change yourself. Find your true SELF. You are beautifully unique, ready to evolve into something even more beautiful than you can imagine. Change NO. Evolve YES. Evolve is in alignment with your higher SELF. Change typically aligns with the False Self.

I ask you this question: if we’ve been taught to change ourselves, how do we know who we really are?

How can we grow into our most fabulous expansive selves if we don’t realize our persona is sophisticated and explicitly designed to help us grow and find ourselves? Without this knowledge, it becomes crystal clear why 93% of the population wants to change something about themselves. #ponderthis

Do You Believe we are Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience?

The fascinating thing about life is that we are spiritual beings who have materialized as humans. Of course, Devine’s design equipped us with no-fail tools: a rational mind governed by personality traits and our eternal being, which governs our spirit mind in the effort to assist us to reach our unlimited potential.

We were born with a personality type aligned with our highest self.  Our type is ideally suited to serve us through the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of life.

Let’s Look at Personality Traits and the Three Hidden Secrets to Find Your True Self

These three hidden secrets are starter steps to decipher how amazing your traits are in helping you find your True Self. I’m working on my book right now and hope to have it out before the holidays. It gets into specific traits of each personality type. Stay tuned. I will release more details as I get closer to the publishing dates.

Secret Number One: Traits Are Essential To Finding Your True Self

– Your primary and secondary traits reveal the essence of your authentic self, your truth. They also explain the gifts you are here to share with the world. They are essential and foundational aspects of who you really are and help you answer the questions:

  • What is my purpose?
  • Why am I here?
  • How can I serve the world?

When your personality traits are healthy and balanced, meaning you’re fully conscious of them, and you’re no longer reliant on the ego, you can leverage each trait to help you make wise choices always for your highest good – critical for those in a life transition.

You’ll know you’re on track as affirming urges call the Divine mind into action. A calling to activate the spirit mind, which whispers prophetic messages to the rational mind to liberate your persona to take inspired action. Remember, you specifically choose your sacred personality type to assist in manifesting your soul’s evolution – to reach your highest potential

Here’s the tricky thing. Just relying on the rational mind is what keeps us stuck. It’s like a replay loop feeding us old thoughts, habits, and beliefs, so we live a life based on past experiences in the present moment. It’s like trying to drive down the highway using your review mirror.

“Letting there be room for not knowing is the most important thing of all. When there’s a big disappointment, we don’t know if that’s the end of the story. It may just be the beginning of a great adventure. Life is like that. We don’t know anything. We call something bad; we call it good. But really we just don’t know.”  Pema Chödrön, author When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times

Secret Number Two: Personality Traits Can Help You Pinpoint Hidden Fears

Our world is dualistic, so it is not surprising the Divine created dualistic human beings. Note; Divine Intelligence is never random. It is a metaphysical law. If you doubt me, just look at nature.

Look closely at your primary trait because it’s here you’ll discover hidden fears. I’ll use my primary trait, extroverted intuition. Ne), as an example. This trait works to find opportunities, patterns, and novel ways to expand, create and evolve; it’s fluid and solutions-oriented.

When it’s unhealthy, it fuels a never-ending quest, which is not good because it takes complete control of my persona without an end. I fear I will miss out. I cannot do or be enough. Instead of seeing potential and possibilities, this unhealthy trait leads to pleasing and controlling. I lie to myself to keep this behavior. I become argumentative and a person with low self-esteem, losing potential opportunities.


However, Divine Intelligence also gifted me with a secondary trait, introverted thinking (Ti). When I get into fear mode, I know I am not processing and reflecting on the avalanche of information I’m taking in. I need to find time for stillness and slow the pace of my life to sort and shift through information to find what’s useful and let the rest go.

Time spent in reflection is when I can let go and invite big-picture thinking without logically trying to figure out every single detail. A stillness practice also stops the doing for doing sake. Doing without purpose is not fulfilling, nor does it present me with new ways to evolve into my highest self and share my gifts with the world. Doing without purpose keeps us all stuck!

What are your greatest strengths? Write them down. Now look at each strength and see the opposite effect of it? Is this opposite effect influencing your personal reality? #journalprompt Nina Zapala, Founder; the Soul’s Role in Personality Typing©️

Secret Number Three: Traits and Triggers

Traits and triggers are juicy topics. First, let’s not always associate triggers with negative experiences. Remember duality? Triggers are two-sided as well.

The first role of a trigger is how it makes you feel, negative or positive. Does a trigger conjure up joyful moments in time, or does it trigger an adverse reaction associated with a belief or habit that no longer serves you? Or, you’re unaware and tend to blame another for a lesson that is about to unfold.

Secondly, the role of a trigger may arise in you to help teach another person how to treat you. Meaning you’ve worked through your stuff. You have set boundaries. You know when to say yes or no, and you demand respect, kindness, and compassion—all good stuff.

In this situation, you’re triggered because a boundary was crossed, and you recognize it immediately. Instead of returning to your unevolved self, you confidently step into your evolved self and consciously communicate the crossed boundary.

So good, right? Want more? Head on over to YouTube for more insights and applications.

“Each new day is a blank page in the diary of your life. The secret of success is in turning that diary into the best story you possibly can.”

Douglas Pagels

What if There is a New Way to Utilize Personality Typing?

What if there is a new way to use personality typing? Personality typing with a spiritual understanding is the modern way to fully understand your persona.

Why do so many of us overlook personality typing? We don’t give it the respect it deserves, nor do we see it as a sacred path to our spiritual life. Is it because we’re never taught to use typology as a tool to serve our highest self? Typing was, and is, still career-focused. I want to change this.

Have you ever been told you are a powerful spiritual being, filled with the light and love of Divine Intelligence? Sad to say, the answer for many of us is no. I’m here to tell you; you are a powerful being, gifted with the magical tools you need to reach your highest potential. All of us who are here on earth are here to develop our soul, to bring our unique wisdom to the world –this is your life purpose.

And I don’t believe your unique wisdom revolves around the expectations of culture, society, family, friends, or bosses. If we depend on meeting external expectations to author our life story, whose story are we living? Leading a life externally is inauthentic and untruthful, and we will also find ourselves living someone else’s story.

Recap: Personality Traits Three Hidden Secrets to Find Your True Self?

– Realizing your personality traits can be hidden, cloaked in fear, or Divinely inspired; either way, they show up in the world as your personal reality,

– Have you identified your personality type, and do you understand your traits,

– Are you one of the 93% of people who want to change something about themselves, aka your personality,

– Why the 1950s model may work as a career tool, and why I believe spiritual personality typing is the way forward,

– How the three hidden secrets of your personality traits help you become more of your True Self,

– Are you ready for a new way to embrace personality typing with a spiritual understanding?

More About the Soul’s Role in Personality Typing

I hope you found Personality Traits Three Hidden Secrets to Find Your True Self eye-opening. If so, I’m doing a happy dance. You see, I’m passionate about introducing the idea of spiritual understanding as a component of personality typing.

While the career personality type of the 1950s model is great, as we awaken to our spiritual needs, we must incorporate the gifts of a healthy personality type to align with our spiritual side, our Soul Self. When we do this, we express soul intentions through our persona, taking Divinely inspired action in all we do. Ahh, the REAL YOU in action. Your higher Self will always show up in the world full of joy, passion, and purpose.

Are you going through a life transition: becoming a parent, empty nester, or going through a divorce or major career change? Mastering your spiritual personality will give you the clarity, confidence, and courage to take on your next life chapter.

Nina Zapala, founder: The Soul’s Role in Personality Typing©️

You Are Not Alone

Did you know that 93% of people desire to know themselves better? WHAT?

The reason being is we’ve been caught in a web of deception – taught to be something we’re not. Here’s the thing, 93% want to change. OK, who are we changing into? As the saying goes, everyone else is already taken. And do you honestly believe you can create a more magnificent SELF than the Creator designed you to be? False belief!

It goes back to the idea of living externally, which promotes the idea of someone else authoring our lives. Well, I am on a mission to help you discover your true Self, the WHO of who you really are. – this is your life purpose. Once you know the true SELF, everything in life falls into place.

Do you believe you lack direction? Are you being fueled by the anxiety paradox of not getting there, not being there already, or not being enough? Or do you lack purpose behind what you’re doing, the feeling you’re not contributing to society in meaningful ways, but you know you could be?

I see you. I am here for you! And I can help you find meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in your life, helping you eradicate disappointment, delusion, and dissatisfaction. Stop the aimless wandering. Make a choice, take action on it and take the first step. With absolute certainty, I’m here to share that finding your true SELF is the answer.

Learn More About a Relevant New Way to Engage Your Beautiful Personality Type.

Let me introduce you to Spiritual Personality Typing,™️ it’s personality typing with a spiritual understanding. I provide you with resources using the foundations of typology infused with spiritual know-how to help you clarify who you really are, which leads to enlightened living, passionate and purposeful.

I want you to join the 3%’ers community. It’s for those who want to realize the REAL you, living a dream life on their terms and in their unique ways; your life, your dreams, your terms.

Note: I’m a certified Myers-Briggs® instructor with an intuitive side and ready to introduce you to a new paradigm in personality typing supported by a spiritual understanding.

Want More?

Are you longing for soulutions that encourage you to become a hero of your own journey? Realize we are cosmic beings, complex, and filled to the brim with eternal wisdom. Today, you’re armed with new dreams, hopes, and desires to accelerate the experience of being fully alive – living your truth. – Nina Zapala

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It’s Time to Discover; Spiritual Personality Typing ©️ — Nina Zapala, a Curious Type, ENTPI’m a certified Myers-Briggs® instructor with an intuitive side ready to introduce you to a new paradigm in personality typing supported by a spiritual understanding.

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Post Updated: October 2022





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