What Happens When We Refuse To Make Liberating Personality Shifts?

What happens when we refuse to make liberating personality shifts? We remain asleep, stuck, and unhappy. Life becomes burdened by another’s expectations, desires, and needs. You live your life authored by another. And you’ll never genuinely understand you’re part of Divine intelligence, an eternal, abundant, and uber-creative being.

I believe many are overwhelmed during these times of great transformation, never-ending change, and witnessing the breakdown of old systems.

Why? Because many of us can’t honestly answer the question: Who Am I? When we are not grounded in who we really are, allowing the winds of change to take us in the direction it dictates. Is this the direction of your desires?

Here’s another important question for you to ask yourself, do I make life choices based on who I am – who I choose to be? Let’s look at these questions to see if we can begin to unravel an answer from a spiritual personality type philosophy.

There Should Be Only One Consideration When Making Any Decision –Is this a statemtn of Who I AmNeale Donald Walsch author, Conversations with God Book 2

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Making Life Choices Based On My Personality Type

Maybe the first question is, have you identified your personality type? If not, you’ll need to do that first. A few sites I recommend to figure out your personality type:

Decision-Making Based On Your Personality

Secondly, do you know how you make decisions? Make your decisions with this question top of mind; Who do I choose to be?

Carl Jung, a Swiss Psychologist and a pioneer in personality typing, classifies thinking and feeling traits as judging functions. These functions are in charge of evaluating information, concluding, and making decisions. The primary difference between each preference answers the question, how do I make decisions?

To Note: EP Personality types: ENFP, ENTP, and IJs: INFJ, ISFJ, ISTJ, and INTJ have a challenging time with decision making as neither thinking nor feeling is a dominant trait.

Those with feeling traits tend to consider their feelings and others in the decision-making process, making them more personal. In comparison, people with thinking traits tend to be more impersonal and make decisions based on logical criteria. People with thinking traits have feelings, yet they often remain secondary to logic.

Feeling Types

After gathering information using either sensing or intuition, feeling types begin to examine how each decision fits with their values, their impacts on relationships with people, and the weight each possibility carries. Are you’re decisions supporting your truth? A few questions you’re likely to ponder:

  • What is most important to you? Make a list and see which side points you to your True Self.
  • Do possible outcomes fit into your values and life? (Make sure the values you hold dear are your’s and not someone else’s: parents, institutions, culture…)
  • How does each possible outcome make you feel? Sad? Nervous? Happy? Are you being triggered? If so, it’s time to reevaluate your choices. It’s highly possible, that one of your personality traits has become unbalanced. If you don’t stop to take a hard look at yourself, you’ll remain asleep. Your True Self becomes elusive. You’ll live life reacting. A reactionary life doesn’t co-create with Divine intelligence. This means you’ll miss unlimited opportunities, abundance, and life lived without meaning, passion, and purpose.
  • Have you stopped to consider how each choice will impact the people closest to you? Are you honoring yourself or pleasing? Tip: Feeling traits are often associated with over-pleasing and giving your power away, as you believe others should come before you. This is a false truth, be aware of it.

Thinking Types

After gathering the necessary information using intuition or sensing traits, thinkers will examine incoming data objectively by asking these questions.

  • If an acquaintance was making a decision and looked at the information as an observer, what would you advise this person to do? A tip for thinking type: being the observer keeps you grounded and closer to your truth.
  • Here again, make a list of the pros and cons, then decide. Also, make sure who you choose to become is the deciding factor. FYI: List making is not something a “P” type is likely to do…but sometimes structure is necessary.
  • Are you open to change when you become aware that a decision was proven wrong? Will you be open to changing your mind? The obvious answer is yes, but when a personality function is unhealthy, we may stubbornly stick to our first decision, even if it’s not right. I refer to this behavior as a trigger, indicating your thinking function is out of balance. A trigger, when resolved, brings you closer to who you really are, helping your release fears that no longer serve you.
  • Thinkers are likely to place more weight on logical data than personal relationships. Sometimes the best decision is based on personal relationships, the nonphysical or illogical aspects of love, peace, and harmony – which are never logical. Over time, this is a teachable skill you can learn if you are committed to liberating personality shifts — which answers the question, who am I?

We Should Know What Our Convictions Rre, and Stand For ThemCARL JUNG, FOUNDED OF ANALYTICAL PSYCHOLOGY

Liberating Personality Shifts are Found at the Intersection of Personality and Soul

Honestly, you can’t make liberating personality shifts without the support of your nonphysical self. Some call this your Soul Self, the Goddess within, heart-center, the Higher Self.

No matter what you call the Self, you must understand this Self has direct access to Divine Intelligence. Your soul Self is the co-creative aspect of you. The Higher Self that’s tapped into Divine Creation- the intelligence of all this IS. A Goddess that is mighty and can recreate your reality.

How does this work? Your personality is the vehicle in which the soul expresses itself in the world. You see, your personality is the reactionary aspect of your reality. How you respond is predicated on the connection to your higher self and the health of your persona.

Liberating personality shifts occur, and souls evolve at the intersection of the soul Self and a fearless person.

How to Make Liberating Personality Shifts

I believe you’ll need to unravel your personality type first. Why? Because your soul is already elevated and wholly liberated. It’s without fear and recognizes Divine Intelligence blesses you with inspired actions in every moment.

So how do you make liberating personality shifts? It’s a series of awakening, time in stillness (meditation, journaling, time spent in nature), and questioning all you believe you know. You must release the past: sorrowful memories, traumas, and the roles that identify you.

The best place to start is by examining your personality type. Please get to know it from the inside out and begin to question everything you think you know about yourself. One of the most critical questions is, “Who Do I Choose to Be?” As you begin understanding your persona, how does this question align? Or have you been choosing the expectations, stories, and values of others? I know I did.

Liberating your persona isn’t an easy road. Believe me, I know. I began making liberating personality shifts when a 7-year life tsunami hit my life shores. It will likely be the same for you, as major life disruptions often cause an awakening, a reseeing of our lives through the lens of our nonphysical selves.

The Most Difficult Phase of Life is Not When Someone Doesn’t Understand You, It’s When You Don’t Understand Yourself.Anonymous

The First Step Understand Your Personality Type Intimately

Your personality traits provide behavior indicators and predict how you make decisions, gather information, and show up in the world. If your personality is fearful or driven by the expectations of others, your soul doesn’t stand a chance of expressing itself. And you probably aren’t truthfully answering the question, “Who do I choose to be.”

Do you believe your God-given talents are meant to be shared with the world, so others may enjoy your gifts? This metaphysical law needs to be embraced by all — my 2¢.

Please understand, that unhealthy personality types rely on old ways of doing things, old beliefs, patterns of behavior, and unquestioned values. Your old ways keep you stuck, sabotage yourself, and make poor choices, contributing to a meaningless life.

The way to your true Self is by embracing and letting your soul Self lead the way. Your personality type is designed to play a supporting role. It’s time to flip the narrative, develop self-culture, and leave the fear-driven external culture behind.

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Recap What Happens When We Refuse To Make Liberating Personality Shifts?

  • What happens when we refuse to make liberating personality type changes?
  • Have you identified your personality type?
  • Do you make decisions based on a feeling or thinking trait?
  • Arriving at the intersection of personality and soul.
  • How do we make liberating personality type changes?
  • Here are a few additional blogs to continue the journey of liberation.

More About Spiritual Personality Typing™️

I hope you found What Happens When We Refuse To Make Liberating Personality Shifts eye-opening. I’m here to share a new philosophy to get you excited about your personality type. I hope you begin to see your persona as a magical tool and realize its importance to a meaningful life.

Make understanding your personality type a priority. It’s one of the best relationships you can cultivate in this lifetime.

Of course, with all good things in life, if you do the work, take responsibility, and make personality typing with a spiritual understanding a daily ceremony, you begin to realize the two can’t exist without each other. This profound awakening moves you closer to your truth, unshackling you from a purposeless existence. You’ll be ready for any occasion, situation, or event – travel, relationships, career, passion, purpose, and meaningful life.

I know this to be true because this is precisely how it is working in my life.

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