How To Unpack Your Personality Type

How to unpack your personality type for a happier you and a happier vacation? It begins before you start a paralyzing Google search on where to stay, play, and go.

Stop, all the Googling, and take time, right now to set travel intentions.

Here’s what I know. I’ve spoken to hundreds of travelers who were never truly satisfied with their vacations. I asked a ton of questions and finally realized the majority of travelers don’t know themselves. You can’t plan an enjoyable trip for yourself when you don’t know who you are.

Cliff Notes and Video Highlights: How To Unpack Your Personality Type

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Two Million People A Year Take a Myers-Briggs® Personality Test

According to BBC News, over 2 million people take a Myers-Briggs® personality test annually. Yet many haven’t discovered how their sacred personality influences their lives and vacations. I’ve developed a quick and easy personality look-see to help you travel intentionally. The idea here is to travel mindfully – from the inside out. This style of travel is about self-observations, allowing you to focus on aspects of your personality type to become more consciously aware of yourself. If you observe yourself engaged in an ugly behavior and don’t want to be or act this way, you now have an opportunity to change it. Take time to reflect on your actions. Examine your behaviors and question where they stem from. You’ll be surprised to know it’s often a long-held fear that no longer serves you.

Unpack Your Personality According to Your Soul Family Temperments

Below is a general recap of similar typed personalities grouped by temperaments. Thank you, David Keirsey, for doing the work on this. Anywhoo…these groupings introduce soul family personality, those with similar temperaments to help unpack your personality to travel with the expectation of getting to know yourself better.

Please understand these are general overviews. I will reveal detailed travel type archetypes for each persona in my upcoming book, Unpack Your Personality©️. A title that has yet to be released.

SP Personality Types

Travelers with sensing perceiving (SP) personality types: Magnetic travelers (ESTP); Active travelers (ISTP); Playful travelers (ESFP); and Aesthetic travelers (ISFP); seek artistic, adaptable, and adventurous (AAA) trips. Your vacation won’t feed your soul when you don’t set intentions around your AAAs.

SJ Personality Types

Travelers with sensing judging (SJ) personality types: Organized travelers (ESTJ); Reliable travelers (ISTJ); Harmonious travelers (ESFJ); and Kindly travelers (ISFJ) seek exacting, traditional, and advising (ETA’s) vacations. You return home without any meaningful benefits from your trip when you don’t set intentions around your ETAs.

NF Personality Types

Travelers with intuitive feeling (NF) personality types: Harmonious travelers (ENFJ); Insightful travelers (INFJ); Enthusiastic travelers (ENFP); and Seeking travelers (INFP) enjoy: abstract, flexible, and transcendentalist (AFT) experiences. You’ll lose opportunities to get to know yourself and others when you don’t set intentions to explore your AFTs.

NT Personality Types

Travelers with intuitive thinking (NT) personality types: Assured travelers (ENTJ); Resolved travelers (INTJ); Inquisitive travelers (ENTP); Impartial travelers (INTP) seek cerebral, experimental, and objective (ECO) holidays. You’ll come away without learning anything, and your trip will be a disappointment if you don’t set intentions to explore your ECOs. 

Recap: How To Unpack Your Personality Type and Travel Happier

  • Set travel intentions before beginning a Google search
  • Become mindful of your unique travel personality vibes. When you do, you’ll enjoy rewarding experiences and return home with a better idea of who you really are
  • Learn more about your personality type: perceiving sensing types, judging sensing types, intuitive feeling types, and intuitive thinking types

More About Spiritual Personality Typing

Did you find; How To Unpack Your Personality Type to be eye-opening?

I’m here to share a new philosophy, spiritual personality typing. I want to get you excited about your sacred personality type. It’s much more than a career construct; it’s a beautiful tool to support your cosmic soul on this earthly journey. I hope you begin to see your personality as a magical tool, realizing its importance in a purposeful, passionate, and meaningful life.

Make understanding your personality type a priority; it’s the best relationship you can cultivate in this lifetime.

I hope you realize the only way your soul, the higher self, can express itself is through a healthy, sacred personality. As this realization sets in, a profound awakening emerges, moving you closer to your truth, and unshackling you from a purposeless existence into a new reality of unlimited possibilities. You’ll be ready for any occasion, situation, or event — travel, relationships, career, and most importantly, a meaningful life.

I know this to be true because this is precisely how it works in my life.

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It’s Time to Discover; Spiritual Personality Typing ™️ — Nina Zapala, the Curious Type, ENTP.

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