Word Branding for Entrepreneurs

The Well-Spoken Brand

A strategic word branding process with the goal of clarity & direction, Create an unmistakable brand voice, Make your story matter.

Offering 1:1 sessions or a five-week deep dive into your true self. We get real, unearthing your exquisite talents. The innate gifts you use to help others get healthier, wealthier, wiser, and happier! I, too, rely on the gifts of my ENTP, an inspired innovator with a   love of words: to create, write, and build a Well-Spoken Brand that sells your best self! 

Words Have the Power to Change Lives. Do your words Impact & Influence?

Swiping, scrolling, clicking, liking, and tweeting – how do you get your ideal client’s attention? It’s all about word branding through self-expression, standing out, and giving a voice to the WHO of who you really are.

Realize your brand is your personality type in action; this is especially true for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses.  

To communicate effectively, you need what you say and how you say it to work together to self-express from the WHO of who you really are. It’s a curated word-branding identity that supports your visual branding.

This isn’t a bullsh#t thing, I say. It’s what I do. It’s the exact method I’ve used to craft captivating press pitches that gained my clients’ notoriety in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, New York Times, Travel & Leisure, Conde Nast, Fast Company, Thrillist… Today your website, social, email, blog… is the media!

Do you want to create a business based on virtues and values? To create a brand that matters, and knowing what you do matters? Then you need words that matter. It’s why I’ve developed The Well-Spoken Brand©️  – a proprietary word branding process narrating your story; clearly explaining why what you do matters.

What you do and how it makes others feel isn’t easy to describe. If you desire an unmistakable brand, I’m here for you. Change your words, change your business. 

i can help!

My Mom Was A
Wordsmithing Expressionist

My Mom was a wordsmithing expressionist. She’d spend hours writing Christmas cards until the wee hours of the morning. The rewards were incredible. The cards would go out, and the calls would. The responses; Jen, I felt like you and I were sharing a moment over coffee. Your cards always make me feel so good! Hell, it was a Christmas card. 

My Mom explained her secret. Yes, I used the right words, and sometimes I’d make a mistake and scratch it out. But I always wrote with love in my heart! THATS IT! THAT’S THE SECRET SAUCE. No, it’s not a gimmick, a cool catchphrase, or a computer-generated writing tool. It’s you expressing what’s on your heart – human to human! 

  • How does what you do make someone feel
  • Why does it matter? 
  • What are your beliefs and values? 
  • What do you stand for? 

As humans, we want to belong, to be heard and understood. So how does your writing speak to these things

Are you wayshower, a maker, a visionary, a renegade here to light a path forward? You know your creation is unique, leading, and pioneering in fresh, provocative ways.

What’s need? To give your brand the voice it deserves. Pushing out pain points and fear messages isn’t the way. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to work with someone who inspires me, not fill me with fear!

If your brand is your personality type in action, have you gotten to know your type? And I’m not talking about typing from the 1940s; I’m speaking of typing with a spiritual understanding, heart-centered and soul-fed. It’s essential to honor your scared persona, plus it supports your brilliant true self – not a fabrication of yourself. 

Today, I’m incredibly excited to work with savvy business owners to coax their expansive visions and potent ideologies from within – out into the world. It’s a transformative experience for you and me.

P.S. Meet Oliver, my rescue poodle and best co-worker ever.

Bringing your boldest ideas to life. It’s what I love. It’s what I do.


How It Works?

It all starts with you...

The key to your business having meaning and purpose is linked to the true self, the WHO of who you really are. If you haven’t discovered your true self, the voice behind who you really are, then it gives reason as to why you may be struggling with:

  • Attracting best-in-class clientele,
  • Generating messages that captivate,
  • Building a distinct brand voice that stands the test of time,
  • Developing trust,
  • Illuminating authenticity and values,
  • Bringing clarity to your message.

When the work becomes foundational to Who You Really Are, it evolves into a treasured journey opening your world to unforgettable people, endless growth, purposeful prosperity, and meaningful pursuits.  

Connect for a free 15-minute call. If you desire uber creativity and pioneering thinking and are ready for a big breakthrough, the five-week word therapy method is what you need!  A brief look:

  • Strategic business philosophies, mission, vision, and values, 
  • Develop a brand wordbank in support of business touchpoints, 
  • Additionally strategic word therapy: for websites, press, influencer and speaking media kits, author bios, about pages… 
alt" Women Gathering"

now that you know...

Here's How It works

My proprietary word branding method uses spiritual personality typing, allowing me to pinpoint the true self with remarkable accuracy. It enables me to craft stories that matter, and that speak to your ideal clientele. 

“Nina deeply understands personality types and how they play into your business and your life. I got clear on a custom coaching system I will use for retreats and work in the future.” – Ayesha Ophelia, Coach, Society of Wild Hearts.

“My sisters in business, it’s all in the strategy and wording that syncs with your personality type. It’s where your best stories come from and makes your voice stand out in a noisy world. 

My 1:1 sessions are highly customized, using a typology process that has evolved beyond the original MBTI® theory from the 1940s. It’s a fresh perspective, giving you an edge in today’s chaotic, ever-changing world. You’re crystal clear and confident. You dare to dream big; because you know who you are and where you’re going!  

Have you ever considered how discovering your true self could dramatically impact your business? 

Standing Up for Who You Really Are Takes Courage.

But the rewards are limitless

It takes courage to stand in your truth, to trust in your beliefs, and to be a wayshower, even when everyone laughs, ridicules, and turns the other way. Chanel got laughed at, Steve Jobs got ridiculed, and I got fired, a lot. But what I now know is it takes courage to be yourself. To show up every day and continue your journey forward. If this sounds like you, know you are a master of passion, possibilities, and purposeful prosperity – a truthsayer like none other!

Don’t Just take My Word: Client testimonials

“90 Retreat Pages Later…

Hi Nina! I just got off the phone with a woman signing up for the Ireland retreat. She said she read 90 retreat pages, and this one was the one that spoke to her. It answered every question and looked like the right fit. You nailed it. Thank you!!!
Ireland’s Temple Bar, an Iconic Place of Business

Carrie, CEO  Enliven Retreats

alt=Ireland Castle as a retreat venue"
alt=Florida Flamingos"

  “Overflowing With   Creative Ideas

Nina is great to work with. She is forward-thinking and overflowing with creative, fresh ideas. At VISITFLORIDA, we deal with hundreds of requests. I’m always happy to work with Nina because she’s consistently ready to suggest creative and unconventional storylines while offering practical solutions, to meet crushing deadlines.

Summer Gonzales-Mendez, @visitflorida

“You laugh at me because I’m different, I laugh at you because you’re all the same.”

wondering if we’ll vibe? 

Schedule a 15 minute complimentary call.

I want to help you if you are ready to do the work. And I’m sure you want to work with a person you can trust to share your deepest darkest secrets. I get It! 

  • I’m a certified Myers-Briggs® Instructor – this is my soul work.
  • My goal for you: to reveal your true self, the who of who you really are.
  • I’m direct, audacious, and unconventional; very supportive, but I demand results and abhor excuses.


This is for those you want to create with heart & soul!

A New Paradigm in Typology – It's Personality Typing WIth A Spiritual Understanding

And so it Begins

discovery spiritual personality typing

  • Did you know 60% of online personality types are incorrect? Ouch!
  • How can you live your dreams if you don’t know who you are? You can’t.
  • Pointing out the obvious here, but you do know your personality type influences everything in your life: career, travel, the relationship with yourself and others…
  • Another misnomer, you aren’t your personality type, its role is to support your soul mission. How? Your soul relies on the traits of your personality to evolve itself in this lifetime. Yeah, this thinking is part of the new thought theory. We dive into this during session work.
  • Knowing your personality type gifts you with compassion for yourself and others. You realize we all have stuff we need to figure out as a collective and as individuals. How will you contribute?  
alt="Live Your Truth"

Celebrating You!

You're Not stereotypical or Oversimplistic!

  • You are so much more than an extrovert or an introvert. 
  • Please stop reading those horrifying personality type descriptions in the 4:4 box grids that are everywhere.
  • If you are online and see a post that says one type is better than another – keep scrolling – it’s a big fat lie.
  • I’m not about superficial or cursory typing. This is a lifelong look-see, an evolving way to live your life; soul-centered, fed, and led. 

Clients for Days

It's not about a pretty website: It's the words you use that build your brand.

  • Think of your strategic wordbank as your personal AI system – authentic, thoughtful, personal,
  • Strategic word branding is vital to attract your ideal clientele: it saves time and money; producing better stories,
  • If the words don’t resonate, all is lost…
  • The scrolling stops when a reader reads words that matter: applicable, impactful, and influencial,
  • You can’t attract ideal clients if you can’t express yourself – the law of attraction in action.


How it Works

A few options

We can start with a 1:1 session to reveal aspects of yourself you may have lost along the way, or never truly realized.

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If you’re a bold entrepreneur ready to change your corner of the world, your words need to sell your best self. Always. You could be sleeping & still changing lives. Make your words matter; they are priceless in telling an unforgettable story. 

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I offer 1/2 day lunch and learns. The energy is off the charts, and you’ll walk away with new strategies, ideas, and fresh perspectives. Clarity & confidence is just the beginning of what you receive.

The One Thing

Rolls into your: who, what, when, & why.

  • Do you know the WHO of who you really are,
  • What it is that you do better than most,
  • When is your product/service most needed,
  • Why you do, what you do. 

Live Your truth


When you know who you are, confidence is inevitable.


When you live your truth, accountability is a natural side effect.

Purposeful prosperity 

Living your truth brings purposeful prosperity for you, for those you help, and for those who support you. Win. Win.Win.

alt="The Lotus Flower of Living You Truth."
alt="Big Ben London"

The Time Is Now not tomorrow. now...

It starts with a 1:1 session to understand a new paradigm; personality typing with a spiritual understanding. It is a modern-day theory that ignites the journey of self-discovery, in todays transformative times.

It’s the path to the true self. 

case study

My business income doubled in the first three months. Book the sessions. Do the work. You'll be glad you did. Ms. Petersen, CEO, Wellness Marketing

alt="Wellness Marketing"

ABOUT Ms. Peteresen

Ms. Petersen is a serial entrepreneur who knows how to run multi-million dollar enterprises. Yet she wanted to avoid past mistakes, and knew she was missing something, but what? 


Like many entrepreneurs, word branding wasn’t even on her radar. The funnels, social, ads, and content didn’t convey the values, the real story, and what she does best. Sales suffered.


After completing the proprietary strategic word branding process, the Well-Spoken Brand, things began to take off. Her authentic voice resonated with her ideal clients, and within three months, she tripled her bottom-line profits.

Thank God for Nina. She’s my-go-to word therapist. 

Are you ready to take your business to a whole new level?


It starts with getting on my schedule and answering a few questions. I’m eager to share my award-winning ways and my innovative and intuitive self with those who are passionate about taking the next step and doing the work. 

$150 A 1:1 Session

Did you know 90% of consumers only buy from trusted companies?
Is your brand trustworthy? Do your words align with core values and beliefs? The world’s changing, trust is the new currency.

For decades I’ve been honing my skills as a word therapist, winning awards, and transforming businesses. Are you ready to put your brand on the map?

5 Week Program Spots Fill Fast Schedule Today

Today’s media is your website, social media, and email… Every word you express impacts someone or not. We are emotional beings and make choices based on feelings. Is your goal to inspire people emotionally or are you solely logic based? Words matter. Words are powerful. Words change lives! Need an award-winning word therapist?

Become the mapmaker of your business using my proprietary five-week process customized to your brand. It’s original word-program-writing to build a Well-Spoken Brand!

Payments Plans Are Available

Let’s discuss my strategic word branding process for your business. Your talents deserve to be shared with the world. Let’s schedule a meeting to explore this further.

Goddess. Queen. Empress...

Discover Your Entrepreneurial Personality!

You have expansive, powerful ideas that need to be expressed out into the world. Yet you’re at a loss as how to express it, knowing vanilla marketing won’t cut it. I can help, hell, I’ve won awards doing it for mega brands. I can certainly do it for you! 

Today, I’m dedicating my award-winning ways to entrepreneurs doing good in the world. For those who need to make themselves heard. For those with a passion for making the world better. 

It would be an honor to help you spread “the word.”