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Do good in the world revolves around traveling consciously, being respectful, and leaving a place better than you found it. It’s about connecting and supporting local businesses, farmer’s markets, and crafters. Of course, we, as travelers, rely on all businesses within a destination, but it’s important to seek out and support the community whenever possible.

Do good in the world is a mantra I support via Nina I believe we all need to pay attention to our travel habits. Say your please and thank-yous, and practice random acts of kindness. Becoming mindful of another’s cultural ways will help you be aware of your own.

Thank you for visiting, and go ahead, Do good in the world,” every time you travel.

7 Ways Books Can Change Your Perspective

7 Ways Books Can Change Your Perspective alt=" "

In brief: 7 ways books can change your perspective, without boarding a plane, getting entangled in a deep conversation, or sitting on a psychiatrist’s couch. I encourage everyone to take a minute to give this article a read. See if any of the benefits of reading resonate. Ask yourself how these 7 ways may make […]

A list of my favorite 50 self- help books

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When I need help, I turn to self-help books. The last ten years have been a roller-coaster ride of grand proportions. My life had become a gigantic shit-show. And I say this in all honesty, I died and was reborn. Everything in my life was turned right-side-up and upside-down. Joel Osteen unspooled the story of […]

Christmas In July the Tree Debate

Christmas In July the Tree Debate alt="Photo of a tree farm"

Celebrating Real Trees the Gift that Keeps on Giving! It’s Christmas in July, and I’m celebrating real trees. OK, I’m envisioning real pine trees. I’ve even lit my 🌲pine tree candle. Celebrating Christmas in July for me means binging watching Hallmark Christmas movies. Spending hours on Pinterest looking at all the fun DIY projects and […]