Hi I'm Nina

I’m an award-winning hospitality professional passionate about my new venture into the publishing world. For years I helped brands figure out their brand personality, which was exciting but I wasn’t being true to myself.

A three-word prayer had me navigating a seven-year life tsunami. What I learned is being true to yourself is learning how to be unapologetically authentic in a disingenuous world.

A mentorship with a master spiritual psychologist, insights from hundreds of women, and a decade of research resulted in Zapala’s signature approach to typology—Spiritual Personality Typing™️. It’s a soulful lifestyle and the basis of her debut book.

Unpack Your Personality: Let Your Inner Guide Be Your Travel Guide introduces readers to spiritual personality typing and the path of being true to yourself. It also introduces the idea of intentional travel as the ideal classroom to start a self-discovery journey. 

I want to help women everywhere learn how important it is to always be true to themselves in business, life, and on vacation. When you boldly embrace the wisdom within, you no longer follow blindly. It’s a soulful life story.

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Be Unmistakable 16 Personality Types. 8 Million People. What's Your Story?

Spiritual Personality Typing is a calling to find a path that is exquisitely yours for entrepreneurs who seek authenticity & travelers seeking meaningful trips.

Exploring the essence of your true self through self-discovery is at the core of this transforming spirit-fed paradigm.

If you’re ready to enjoy a life rich with spirit, soul, and story – I welcome you.