Hi Nina,

I had an idea over a decade ago to modernize personality typing with a spiritual understanding – taking 1940s typing into the 21st Century. It’s Arrived.

The idea came from what I witnessed: overwhelm, over tourism, and overconsumption. Does that sound like a joyful, regenerative experience? It’s not. And hundreds of travelers told me so. I learned a rewarding vacation is about self-discovery. They agreed.

It’s why I’m introducing unpack your personality to help you better understand yourself, others, and the world around you. Travel Happier. Your personality will thank you!

Learn the best places to travel, play and stay. Your romantic interests and more…



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Unpack Your Personality Type For Transformative Trips

Over the past decade, I’ve seen the uncontrolled growth of the travel industry and it’s not pretty; overtourism, overconsumption, and overwhelm. I’ve spoken with hundreds of travelers who confessed they were crumbling under the illusion.

Where does this illusionary thinking stem from? It starts with mega-industry brands that dominate the travel space and search engines through advertising and an avalanche of content!

Additionally, social media amplifies and spreads both truth and lies. What to believe? Who knows. But I do know people are tethered to their phones 24/7 – digital overload. And to me, this is so sad. Travelers miss transformative moments, the sacred stories of a destination, deep connections, and the healing power of nature.

P.S. In the photo to the left, I was literally unpacking my suitcase in downtown Mobile. People thought I was crazy… They wouldn’t be wrong.

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

true self living with impact & influence

Hundreds of travelers shared feelings of dissatisfaction, emptiness, and longing for more, but they didn’t know the what or how? When the pieces of my life began falling apart ten years ago, things shifted radically, including my ideas on travel. During this challenging season, I began to discover the who, of who I really am. It led me down the rabbit hole of MBTI® and made me rethink typing from the 1940s, which is patriarchal in nature. I spoke to my mentor, spiritual psychologist Dr. Nix, about the lack of spirituality in typing, and she said, “Nina if this idea was gifted to you, you must make it a reality. 

I committed, became a certified MBTI® instructor, and embarked on a journey of self-discovery. Travel was intentional, mindful, and focused on immersive travel experiences staying away from consumptive, scripted escapes. 

Life is funny. My life was a train wreck, yet the crash opened me up to a new paradigm; Unpack Your Personality: Let Your Inner Guide Be Your Travel Guide. Book is launching soon

if I did it, so can you.

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if not now, when?


be excited to get out of bed each day to enjoy your life. 


a modern-day personality paradigm. It’s refreshing, reflective, and relevant: a paradigm infused with spirituality.  


For soul-searching women seeking reawakening adventures and visionary entrepreneurs who desire heart-centered enterprises.

“Fairy GodMother Like

My experience working with Nina, was like working with my fairy godmother. She got to know the essence of my business and what I was trying to express.

joyce knoll, CEO, breakthrough journies.

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“Just What I Needed.

It was just what I needed. I’m excited to move on with blind spots resolved.

judith wilms, bestselling author, TEDx talk.

Typing:Soul Groups

Personality Types That Have Similar Characteristics

Intuitive Feeling Types:NF


Intuitive Thinking Types: NT

entp, intp, entj, intj

Sensing Perceiving Types: SP

estp, istp, esfp, isfp

Sensing Judging Types: SJ

estj, istj, esfj, isfj,

Why you matter

Much of my life, mid-twenties to mid-life, I had no idea who I was, but I was good at telling myself who I wasn’t: worthy, smart-enough, competent … Yet, I somehow managed to win an award only three people receive in any given year. Still, I failed to recognize my beautiful self.

For the past twenty years, I’ve been speaking with women travelers, accomplished CEOs, CFOs, and savvy entrepreneurs, sharing feelings of emptiness. Some days, I acted as a beachside therapist, listening to women openly share their experiences of being invisible, unworthy, and inadequate, regardless of titles or awards. I knew, deep in my soul, there was another way.

It’s why I’m so happy to share personality typing with a spiritual understanding. It single-handedly helped me find my true self; a place of significance, impact, and influence. I can show you how.

Tools For A New Way Embrace a Wrong Turn

let it be a time of reinvention

My life’s liberating lessons helped me embrace my wrong turn as I discovered a new way; Myers-Briggs® Takes a Spiritual Detour. I’m tired of doing what’s expected. Are you? It’s time for us to rise up. Share our hard-earned wisdom, and do what we came here to do! You’ve got this. I’m just here to guide you using soul-driven personality typing – thoughtfully expansive, spirited-minded – designed with you in mind.