How To Unpack Your Personality Type

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How to unpack your personality type for a happier you and a happier vacation? It begins before you start a paralyzing Google search on where to stay, play, and go. Before you get into Googling it, stop and take time to set travel intentions. Here’s what I know. I’ve spoken with hundreds of travelers who […]

Unpack Your Personality in 2020: The Resolution for Self Growth

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Unpack your personality in 2020 is a resolution for self-growth. Skip new year’s resolutions and learn how micro-moments of awareness can change your life. Sixteen personalities unpacked is the start of a journey to your truth. This new years resolution may be the most brilliant New Year’s resolution ever. Read on to learn more. How […]

Brené Brown Nails Unpack Your Personality©️

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Brené Brown nails Unpack Your Personality©️ in her new Netflix documentary, the Call to Courage. She gets into travel personality explaining CJT’s, her term for Come to Jesus (CTJ) talks before the family leaves for vacation. Here’s the story. Brené’s busy packing books, as the family heads off to Disney. Her husband looks over at […]

7 Ways to Start Unpacking Your Fearful Ego-Personality?

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How do you know you’re living from a fearful, ego-personality? There are tell-tell signs. We’re going to look at these, plus the 7 ways to start unpacking your fearful ego-personality. Did you know, most of us operate from a fearful ego-personality? UGH! We step into adulthood with this personality, packed neatly and undisturbed. Why? It’s […]

Unpack the Secrets of Your Unique Travel Personality

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Today we’ll explore the secrets of your unique travel personality to help you better understand your distinct travel type. Did you know everyone has a distinct travel personality related to your persona? Well, you do. Heck, even my rescued poodles had a type. William was the extrovert, and Harry was the introvert! Also, realize you […]

Many Reasons To Be Grateful For Your Personality Type?

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Many reasons to be grateful for your personality type a post about how fabulous you are. The time has come to awaken and see yourself from a new perspective. When you let your logical mind rely on your spiritual senses, you have access to the infinite possibilities available within. Remember who you are – a […]

Spiritual Personality Typing

Introducing Spirit Personality Typing™️. It’s a pioneering approach to understanding personalities. Typology gets its soul back. Being true to yourself is learning how to be unapologetically authentic in a disingenuous world. Spiritual Personality Typing™️ offers a  roadmap to the secret places of your true inner nature—to what truly matters.  Sign up for weekly happy mails.   […]

Personality Functions Three Hidden Secrets to Find Your True Self?

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Personality functions three hidden secrets to find your true self.  It’s more than just a great headline. Honestly, there are untold hidden secrets to finding your true self, but I’m keeping the information bite-sized. Lots more to come. Anywho, I hope these small bits of information lead to profound insights, helping you see that personality […]