33 Ways to Love Your Personality

33 ways to love your personality is an illuminating read. It highlights many different ways to love yourself and enjoy your personality type as the gift it’s intended to be. A supportive spiritual tool to help you define your sacred purpose, totally in alignment with your truth!

Yes, we are here to fall in love, but what if we are here to learn to love, ourselves and others, unconditionally.

Nina Zapala, Founder of Spiritual Personality Typing®

How to Love Your Personality

I used to ask myself, why am I the loud, energetic type? I wanted to be more like my sister, who always did the right thing, fitting in with family traditions; ENTJ, the Overseer. Nothing about me is traditional, and most personality-type enthusiasts will agree that ENTP types I refer to as Curious types are feisty and unconventional.   

Don’t Downplay Your Personality – Love It!

I used to downplay everything that made me unique, every talent and every accomplishment. It was exhausting. As I entered adulthood, I came to dislike myself, finding ways and searching externally to be more like everyone else. UGH! Does any of this sound familiar? Leave a comment below. 👇

As I went through my 7-year life tsunami and grew into my true SELF, I realized it’s okay to love my personality type, as it has precisely the traits I need to live a meaningful life. In fact, the more I love my physical and spiritual selves, the easier it is for me to maintain healthy habits and boundaries. To be a better friend and mom and serve my coworkers and community. Trust me, I’m not madly in love with myself every day, as I’m human, so self-love ebbs and flows just like the seasons in nature.

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Try Making Love To Your Personality an Intentional Daily Practice

It’s easy to slip back into our learned habits and quickly forget our daily intentions to love ourselves. I’ve stepped-up my self-love practices, especially over the past couple of years. I’ve focused on my “daily love-me routine using 15 words to live by –specific words innate to my type.

Here’s a list of suggestions to help you practice loving your personality type, the type you chose for this life’s sacred soul mission. Your personality type is a gift and should be cherished. How are you loving your fabulous persona right now? Share in the comments below. 🙋🏼‍♀️

The List of 33 Ways to Love Your Personality

  1. Embrace your personalities superpowers. Remember your personality and beautiful traits make you, you; so embrace yourself exactly as you are.
  2. Stop comparing yourself to others. Your personal history, soul-center, and personality type make you uniquely you. Love yourself for who you really are.
  3. Introverts, please ignore cultural convention. You have incredible gifts to teach us all. Staying in stillness and calm is something we could all learn. Bless these attributes and love yourself for them.
  4. Extroverts ignore stereotyping and understand you have a lot to contribute to the collective whole. Be grateful, and love yourself for who you are.
  5. Positive affirmations work no matter your personality type. Take small steps; I love my ______, and repeat this daily.
  6. Do you have an extroverted, intuitive trait? Embrace it and know it makes you an explorer of things, people, and places, bringing you fantastic insights you can share with the world.
  7. Create a space for your spiritual practice. It could be as simple as a table full of flowers, a chair, or a She Shed. What’s important is the practice and how you feel in the space.
  8. Take time daily for spiritual work; meditation, yoga, walking–this time is essential to stop the monkey mind and connect to your soul center, your loving heart center.
  9. Love every life experience, both good and bad. Experiences shape you who you are –– a beautiful soul that’s been cracked and mended with rays of white, light love.
  10. Keep track in a journal or use a calendar when you’ve overcome or accomplished something that helped you become a better version of yourself.
  11. Are you an intuitive thinker? I love this trait because it helps you make sense of things, a trait of untold value.
  12. Make sure your boundaries are in place to stay in your love zone. Saying no is okay. We’re taught otherwise. I’m revisioning this lesson, let your spiritual self speak your truth and realize no is often the correct answer.
  13. Do you have a child? What do you love about them? Is it something they inherited from you? My son has the same insatiable curiosity and love for learning. I love to see he’s gotten these gifts; similar personality traits. They’ve done a lot for me, and I know they’ll do the same for him.
  14. If you have a memory of an elephant, you may have an introverted sensing trait. Don’t you love it! Memories for you are accessible and always uppermost in your mind—what a gift.
  15. Create a ritual that brings you joy. Enjoy fresh flowers, lite a candle or an infuser, and always say a few gratitude prayers first thing in the morning. You’ll be surprised how gratitude prayers reshape your day.
  16. An extroverted feeling trait brings harmony into your life, it’s your gift, but many others are positively influenced by this beautiful preference when it’s healthy.
  17. Accept yourself exactly where you are in life; don’t wish for better or more; be happy with what is.
  18. Carry a favorite poem, quote, or playing card. I carry the Queen of hearts. It reminds me of my place in the world.
  19. Refrain from being available for others; instead, always be available for yourself.
  20. Are you futuristic? You may have an introverted, intuitive trait – a remarkable trait that allows you to see opportunities others don’t.
  21. Celebrate how beautiful your personality type is at helping you solve life’s biggest challenges.
  22. Don’t ignore uncomfortable feelings. Allow yourself to feel angry, sad, or frustrated. These are gentle messages from your soul Self, which are Divinely inspired triggers, letting you know transformation is upon you.
  23. Remember that everyone doesn’t want what you want and vice-versa, accept their differences and love yourself for your own.
  24. If you are a sensation seeker, you probably have an extraverted sensing trait, keeping your five senses highly engaged. You often become one, with your five senses making whatever you’re creating exceptional.
  25. Please don’t get frustrated with aspects of yourself that annoy you. Instead, see them as the opposite side of the spectrum and see a side of you that needs acceptance.
  26. If you love how effective you’re at everything, you may have an extroverted thinking trait.
  27. Lovingly look back at a time of great sorrow, embrace that moment in love and realize you made it to today, and when another great challenge comes, know you’ll make it through again, better, wiser, and one step closer to your true Self.
  28. Do you love structure? Does it help you free your mind? If so may have a judging trait.
  29. Realize some people don’t deserve your good vibes, thoughts, or energy. Allow for your well-being first and foremost, and accept others where they are, regardless of your personality.
  30. If you go to authenticity, you may have an introverted feeling trait. Ahh, authenticity in a world of copycats is priceless. Own this trait. It’s a miraculous gift!
  31. No matter your personality type, manifesting and reaching for better thoughts alerts your soul Self that you’re ready for what you desire; defer to your persona, and tap into your spiritual SELF to choose wisely.
  32. Are you a freedom-lover? If so, you may have a perceiving trait. Today is an excellent time for perceiving types to stand up and show the world how beautiful freedom really is!
  33. Remember, you come from an unlimited source of love. There is no such thing as love scarcity, so every day, look in the mirror and say, “thank you, Divine source, for loving me into existence. I’ll do my very best to love me today, too.”

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