20 Stylish Ways to Wear Pins This Holiday Season

I wanted to share 20 stylish ways to wear a pin this holiday season to make you sparkle and glow. Yes, of course, holiday jewelry is fun, by why not add a few vintage pins to shake things up to create a look all your own. Nobody loves vintage more than Si types; who are fond of old-school fashion finds? Have to share, I do love vintage with a boho vibe!

My fondness of pins was inspired by my mom, who loved brooches, her word for pins. She always had one on her hat, a scarf, and perfectly placed on her left lapel. Being a creative eccentric, I’ve taken wearing brooches to a whole new level.

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What influences your style are your traits. My Contrary trait (an inferior trait in career typology), introverted sensing,(Si), is all about the love of the old, history, traditions… It opposes my Essential Self (a dominant trait in career typology), extroverted intuition (Ne), which is unconventional, loves new ways and change. 

All of your traits greatly impact you, and they are the gateway to finding yourself. – Z

This blog is about styling YOU with 20 easy tips to wear a brooch this holiday season or whenever the mood strikes you.

Below are 20 different ways to wear a pin, pick a few, pick’em all – pin your way, on any given day! Brooches are an unexpected style bomb!

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A Basic White Blouse Now Has A Distinct Style

20 Stylish Ways to Wear a Pin this Holiday Season

I love how pins can give an ordinary purse a chic update or make an everyday polka-dot blouse, hipper. Brooches tend to make people take a second look because they bring something unexpected to an outfit. Read on to pick up pin tips, then tap into your fabulous personality and wear-it-you-way.

  1. Be a rule breaker and wear your brooch on the right label🤪

2. Be a rebellious creative and wear five or more brooches on either side of your lapel: blazer, coat or jacket,

3. Are you a traditionalist? Royals typically wear their brooches on the left lapel of a blazer, jacket, or coat.

4. Try wearing brooches; three, five, or seven broaches in a row on the shoulders of a blazer, blouse, or coat.

5. Use a series of brooches to cover the buttons of a blouse,

6. Wear a brooch as a hairpin pin it to a hair tie to keep it in place.

7. Fill a lapel with brooches: five, seven, ten, or more (make sure you style them for a put-together look).

8. Group a few brooches; 3 on one side/2 on another side of a blazar.

9. Use a brooch as a purse charm.

10. Brooches layered on a jean jacket are always in style.

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11. Pin a small brooch to the front pocket of your jeans.

12. Brooches look chic pinned to the back of a shirt, in the middle, or on the upper left or ride side – an unexpected nice surprise as you walk away.

13. Pin a brooch to your tennis shoe; pin to the shoelaces.

14. Wrap a scarf and add a few brooches for a fun, new look.

15. Wear a broach on a blouse cuff or use instead of a cuff link.

16. Try a pin at the bottom corner of a pant leg, or add a small grouping.

17. Use a grouping of pins in a straight line on the outer seams of a pair of jeans.

18. Pin a brooch on a hat.

19. Wear one as a pendant.

20. Layer a few or more on the strap of a purse.

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Hope You Enjoyed 20 Stylish Ways to Wear Pins

I thought you’d enjoy how to wear vintage brooches beyond pinning them to the left lapel of a jacket or coat. Brooches are a fantastic way to upcycle and recycle, and they’re an unexpected style bomb. They make excellent holiday gifts, as each one has its own personality and is an unexpected accessory.

If you have a personality type, you have a specific style that is all your own, especially when it’s interwoven with your life experiences, culture, and soul-vibe. So COOL right! So I want to see how you wear pins? If you can think of a few more ways, let me know, I’d love to hear from you! Drop a comment, send me an email or DM me on Instagram!

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I hope you found Is Your Personality Type Into the Latest Spring Fashion Trends to be a fun read. I’m here to share a new philosophy, personality typing with a spiritual understanding to get you excited about your persona. Your persona is the magical tool that supports your soul Self. Also, I’d like you to realize the essential role it plays in your life.

Of course, like all good things in life, you’ve gotta do the work. This means you need to take responsibility and make personality typing with a spiritual understanding a daily ceremony. Do you even realize your personality can’t exist without your soul Self and vice versa? WOW, this is HUGE!

When you do realize this, you’ll be ready to meet life head-on. It doesn’t matter what challenges you face; relationships, travel, career – your sacred life path will steer you confidently and with clarity. I know this to be true. I used spiritual personality typing to unshackle myself from a purposeless existence into a meaningful existence.

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